Emma Chamberlain, a.k.a. the YouTube Queen, has been entertaining the online world since 2017 and has continued to grow into an even bigger personality today. 

The influencer, who now has 11.4 million YouTube subscribers, became famous for her editing style that differed from the prim and proper content that was considered the “norm.” Her unforced and natural wit paved a way for her success and ultimately allowed millions of people to relate to her videos.

Recently, she stopped making content for her YouTube channel to ensure she continues to be authentic and genuine. “I needed to step back and rethink what my strategy and formula needs to be,” she said in an April 2022 episode of Fast Company’s podcast “Creative Control.” “And also, how I can make it fun for myself again and not feel like this forced grind where I’m following the rules of an imaginary YouTube rule book.”

With more free time on her hands, Emma has caught the traveling bug to tropical destinations like Bora Bora and Hawaii. She’s given us even more grade-A content, except this time, it’s bikini pictures … and might we add, she has the cutest collection of swimsuits. 

“NOT ME JUST FINDING OUT THATS MY MOM AND HER FRIENDS IN THE BACKGROUND IN THE FIRST PICTURE,” she captioned her January 2022 Instagram picture while showing off a pair of to-die-for butterfly bikini bottoms. 

Emma may be an “it” girl, but she’s also a “cool” girl, so her bikini pictures are usually leveled out by funny captions or a good ol’ mirror selfie flipping off the camera. 

In 2021, the internet sensation partnered with PacSun to create a collection of her favorite bikinis. The collection is totally her vibe with lots of floral prints and colors. “Our Spring 2021 campaign is inspired by the idea of bringing our self-reflections of the past year into an optimistic lens for the future,” Brie Olson, chief brand officer for PacSun, said in a press release. 

“So as a talent who is so deeply connected to her audience, Emma was the perfect choice to collaborate with,” she continued. “She also grew up shopping at PacSun, so it feels natural to have her as part of our brand family.”

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