Are you a traveler who also loves to dance, to party, or simply while the night away with endless music and flowing drinks? If you are, then you will enjoy Barbados holidays even more.

Although Barbados is situated along the Caribbean which is famous for its sparkling beaches, there are a lot more things to do and get pleasure from aside from the usual swimming, lazing on the beach, sightseeing, or doing some other forms of water activities. One example of a pleasurable pastime while on holiday in this part of the world is the nightlife.

Now, so you can have an idea about where to go to experience the awesome Caribbean nightlife, here are the best places to visit on your Barbados holidays:

St. Lawrence Gap

They say that fun and entertainment always begin in St. Lawrence Gap. This is due to the fact that the place is teeming with night clubs and bistros that cater to all kinds of music. In almost all the corners of the Gap, you will find a club where you can dine, wine, and be merry all night! Below is a list of places and events, around St. Lawrence Gap, that you must not miss for a genuine Caribbean nightlife.

1. The Whistling Frog’s – enjoy street party in this occasion. There are live bands as well as karaoke to provide entertainment all night long. The best Jazz entertainers are the usual performers during this event and they will keep on playing as long as the crowd is still dancing to their music.

2. The Ship Inn – this has been tagged as the original pub of Barbados. There are live bands and a couple of DJs to fill the night with music and entertainment. And if you happen to be there early, while waiting for the real party to start, you can pass the time by having a taste of local food which you can get from the food booths that had gathered along the streets of St. Lawrence Gap.

3. The Reggae Lounge – you can have your fill of different kinds of music from blues, mellow, to calypso and reggae. The club is open-air and set in the middle of vegetation, so you can dine and dance under the moonlight.

Harbor Master Cruises

In this cruise, you can enjoy the magnificent view of the sunset while the crew members of the craft prepare activities that will truly make your stay a night to remember. The atmosphere in this cruise is a combination of thrill and romance, just perfect especially if you are with your special someone.

The food buffet served on-board is specially prepared by an expert chef and this further make the occasion fantastic. As for the entertainment, the floor is open for a comedy show, limbo act, exotic belly dancing as well as calypso dancing presentations.

Harbor Lights

Lastly, this open-air beachfront party place offers live entertainment with excellent performers. Harbor Lights is actually one of the island’s trendiest and most popular nightclubs. The schedule of entertainment in this place is suitable for the whole family. Thus, if you are on Barbados holidays with your family, do not forget to drop by this spot and you will experience a nightlife that is absolutely Caribbean.