True Names claims it has regained ownership of the domain name eth.link. GoDaddy was previously sued by the company for terminating its ownership over the eth.link website. True Names Ltd. is the parent company to the Ethereum Name Service (ENS). It has retaken control of the web domain “eth.link” following a injunction obtained from an Arizona court.

“We are delighted to announce that eth.link has been restored online!” “Our injunction was successful, and the name is now returned to us,” ENS stated in a Tweet Monday.

The company behind ENS had brought a lawsuit against GoDaddy, a web domain registrar, for selling the domain to a third-party. reported this previously by The Block. GoDaddy was accused of violating a domain registration contract. True Names claims that GoDaddy incorrectly deemed the domain eth.link registered by the plaintiff expired and then sold it off to another party.

Court rules injunction in favour of True Names

True Names’ motion to obtain a preliminary injunction was granted by the court. The court granted True Names’ motion for a preliminary injunction. 

GoDaddy had previously transferred the domain to Dynadot, who then sold the domain to DeFi aggregator Manifold Finance. Both Dynadot as well as Manifold are also named in the complaint.

The Block was informed by Nick Johnson, founder of ENS, that the company is pleased with the result. Johnson stated that “we have won the legal case against GoDaddy with court granting our request to preliminary injunctive relief.” He also said that the ruling ordered the transfer of the domain back to True Names. 

According to the court ruling, “To the extent that Plaintiffs have sold or transferred ownership of the Domain to registrants, defendants shall immediately transfer ownership back to Plaintiffs.”

Eth.link domain has been fully returned

Sam Bacha, founder of Manifold Finance, said that the matter has not been resolved. To ensure that the domain value is maintained, DNS Services were restored. DNS remains in escrow per injunction. It has not been transferred by True Names. Bacha stated that more information will be made available once the court opens at 9 AM. DNS stands for domain name services.

Johnson responded by saying that the eth.link domain had been fully returned to Johnson pending the outcome in the court case. If the case is not pursued, the return would be effective permanent.

Johnson stated that while we cannot exclude the possibility of GoDaddy or other litigants suing over the name in the future, it has been returned to us at this point and users can resume using the service.”

According to the founder of ENS, users can use eth.link again without any disruption. ENS owners use eth.link to access their “dot eth”, (.eth), ENS address like any other browser website. This is done by adding a “dot hyperlink” (.link to their.eth address to a browser tab. The link will open like a normal web page.


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