Farrah Abraham has never been shy when it comes to opening up about her plastic surgery procedures. However, a new photo has fans wondering if she’s gone too far, as her face appeared “unrecognizable.”

The Teen Mom OG alum, 31, shared a November 10 Instagram Story selfie where she celebrated putting her Christmas tree up early. In the picture, Farrah’s skin looked unusually smooth, while her cheeks and lips appeared puffy.

Farrah Abraham Unrecognizable Photo
Courtesy of Farrah Abraham/Instagram

“When your done decorating your X-mad tree this year whew (sic),” Farrah captioned the photo of the white tree decorated with festive red ornaments while she smiled in front of it.

The photo was later posted in the Teen Mom Reddit sub, where some fans raised concerns over the entrepreneur’s appearance. “Farrah’s looking extra plastic this holiday season,” the headline read.

“Ugh. I wish she would have just left well enough alone after the 1st nose job. She was such a beautiful girl,” one commenter noted, while another echoed the sentiment, writing, “She was such a beautiful woman before all of her work!” A user lamented over the photo, “Oh. This makes me so sad,” while another shared, “I’m not against plastic surgery or cosmetic procedures, but this is just unfortunate.”

Farrah has been very open with the amount of work she’s had done over the years since she first appeared on MTV’s 16 and Pregnant in 2009. The following year, she underwent a breast augmentation. In 2013, Farrah got a rhinoplasty and chin implant, though she had the latter dissolved.

“I finally feel gorgeous,” she told In Touch following the $16,000 double procedure. “I’ve hated my nose since I was 13,” she continued. “I don’t have to hate anything on my face ever again.”

Farrah ended up on a 2015 episode of Botched after attempting to get permanent lip fillers. She shared an Instagram photo receiving butt injections in July 2021 and did the same again in April 2022.

The reality star alarmed fans in August 2022 when she shared an Instagram video doing the “Tortilla challenge” with her daughter, Sophia, and numerous fans wrote in the comments that they felt her face looked so different. So far, Farrah hasn’t addressed if she’s had any recent work done to her face.


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