Press Release — The New Platform Will Allow NFT Holders to Leverage and Sell IP Rights to Brands and Fans for Commercials, Video Games, Movies, Merchandise, and More 

Feature, the premier Web3 studio powering the future of entertainment across meta, digital and traditional media spaces, has launched its intellectual property (IP) NFT licensing marketplace. Feature’s NFT licensing marketplace uses the same cutting-edge technology trusted by Coinbase to cast the upcoming three-part CG-animated series, The Degen Trilogy. This technology is now available to all Bored Apes and World of Women owners and opening to the owners of other NFT collections with commercial rights soon.

Feature has created a unique platform that enables individuals to leverage and sell intellectual property rights associated with their art without selling their actual NFTs. The marketplace creates a new opportunity for NFT holders to generate passive income while showcasing their NFTs in new environments, garnering brand equity for their specific art, and providing additional value for the project and its community, expanding the brand around their NFT while simultaneously experiencing the benefits of holding. Alternatively, brands, entrepreneurs, fans, and art enthusiasts alike can utilize any individual’s intellectual property listed on the platform for various use cases like commercials, movies, TV shows, video games, merchandise, and more.

“This is a new frontier for IP. We look forward to empowering creators and their communities with a platform where licensing opportunities can be accessed and leveraged by all,” says Steven Ilous, CEO and Co-Founder of Feature. “Where licensees can acquire Web3-based IP for use in an unlimited variety of commercial use cases. This is just the beginning for Feature as we pioneer new technologies that place creative content at the forefront, including this new on-chain transaction layer,”


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