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F1 files trademark application for the 2023 Las Vegas Strip Circuit Grand Prix. It lists NFTs as well as cryptocurrency in a range of goods and services. Formula One could introduce NFTs , collectibles, and cryptocurrency payment options before the 2023 Las Vegas Grand Prix.

F1’s trademark division filed two trademark filings with US Patent and Trademark Office (August 23). These filings describe the trademark, logo of the Las Vegas Strip Circuit as well as a broad range of goods and services the event will offer next year.

Of particular interest were specific mentions of NFT and cryptocurrency-related offerings as well as blockchain-powered transactional services. NFTs will be used to represent ownership of many real-world items such as vehicle equipment, accessories, clothing, bags and wallets.

The filing also mentions “downloadable computer software to manage cryptocurrency transactions using Blockchain technology,” possibly indicating that the race and its organizers have begun to support cryptocurrency payments.

Another clause describes financial goods and services that can be used to support cryptocurrency and other blockchain-based payment methods.

“Financial services include e-wallets, cryptocurrency; electronic transfer crypto assets; currency trade services; virtual currency services; electronic money transfer via blockchain technology; financial transactions via Blockchain; cryptocurrency services, including providing a digital currency, token, or token to be used via a global computer network; provision tokens; provision non-fungible tokens.”
Both filings list downloadable software to process cryptocurrency transactions using blockchain technology.

Cointelegraph reached out to Formula One trademark to determine the details of the Las Vegas Grand Prix filing and whether the lengthy list of goods and/or services indicates intent to offer cryptocurrency and NFT offerings.

Over the last few years, Formula One has been a prominent advertising platform for many cryptocurrency exchanges. After becoming a global partner for the roadshow, Crypto.com’s branding was prominently seen on F1 track advertising boards around the world for the past year. According to, eight out of the 10 F1 teams are sponsored by cryptocurrency and exchange firms.

After the well-known motorsport group declared in March 2022, that Las Vegas would become the newest race venue in 2023, the Sin City will host its first Formula One race.

This leaves just over a year before the first race cruises along the Las Vegas Strip in an evening race that will be the third stop in America for the F1 Roadshow next November.

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