From one company cleaning the air from carbon dioxide and another one finding ways to water-split H2O.    By using sunlight to create hydrogen from mixing silicon dioxide with silicon and adding a thin film of aluminum.    In using solar energy to make hydrogen and Rocket Companies RKT is expanding into the field of solar panel installation.     Here are these three articles: these companies are sucking carbon dioxide from out of the atmosphereRocket Companies jumps as it expands into the field of solar panel installation.      Making clean hydrogen is hard, but researchers just solved a major hurdle, been making preparations for moving out to Florence, Oregon next month.     Going to be awfully busy tomorrow with some of these preparations to get ready to move out of Eugene, Oregon.

         Delta variant is surging within many of the US states with the White House offers COVID mobile vaccination clinics.     $1 trillion infrastructure bill gets first action as senators dig in, here are these two articles: White House offers$1 Trillion infrastructure bill gets first action as senators dig in.

         Here are the stock futures going into Tuesday morning 8/3/21: DOW is up by $61.00, the S & P 500 is up by $4.00 and the NASDAQ is down by $3.00 at 7:44 pm PST.     The dollar has reopened hours ago with a low of $92.01 and a high of $92.08 and is at $92.04 at 7:48 pm PST.      The MACDs last Friday on the positive blue line was at +.16 and today after market closing was at +.12.      The negative red line was at +.30 last Friday and on 8/2/21 they closed at +.26.     The history line is stable with it holding at -.14 while both lines are being pulled downward and pulling the dollar further down.


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