With the stock markets nearly ready to open here in the US and the Senators and White House still in talks after going through a few road blocks on Monday 7/26/21.      Yesterday they haven’t figured how much to spend on public transit and water infrastructure and are still looking at reaching a compromise.

     Here is this latest article: Senators and White House in talks to finish infrastructure bill, here are the stock futures going into Tuesday Morning 7/27/21.     DOW is down by $107.00, the S & P 500 is down by $9.00 and the NASDAQ is up by $2.25 at 5:47 am PST.      Yesterday the dollar had fallen throughout most of the trading day with it closing yesterday at $92.65.      Durable-goods edged up higher for the month of June 2021, the US dollar at the moment is falling with it down to $92.53 at 5:52 am PST.

      During the early morning the dollar had been as highest of $92.84 and as lowest of $92.51 just recently, checking the MACDs against the US dollar.      Last Friday on 7/23/21 the positive blue line was hanging at +.40 and on Monday at market closing it was at +.37.      The negative red line was at on Friday 7/23/21 of +.42 and closed Monday 7/26/21 at +.41.     The history line fell straight into even more negativity from when it was at -.02 on last Friday down to negative of -.04 at Monday’s closing.

       With the dollar falling even before the US stock markets open, here is this article on the wireless charging for android cellphones: Realme is the first to bring magnetic wireless charging to android.

       Was woken up this morning by my sweetheart and I can’t wait until the two of us are together and was checking on the weather conditions for Florence, Oregon last night before heading to bed.

       One thing I noticed that it was 31 degrees cooler than these low 90 temperatures that we have been having here in Eugene, Oregon.    Another thing it has 321 days of good weather to grow plants, with only 44 days of cold temps between December 27th to February 9th.


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