Looking for Mr. Right! Bachelorette star Gabby Windey has taken the reins during season 19 with co-leading lady Rachel Recchia, but does she find love? Keep reading for spoilers about Gabby’s top two final guys, if she’s engaged and more.

Who Are Gabby Windey’s Top 2 Contestants?

It is not yet known which of Gabby’s final four contestants make it to her top two and secure a spot during fantasy suite dates. However, it sounds like all of the contestants were vying to win the hearts of Gabby and Rachel.

Gabby Windey Rachel Recchia Bachelorette Season 19
ABC/Gizelle Hernandez

“I would be remiss not to say that our milkshakes do in fact bring all the boys to the yard,” the nurse, 31, joked via Instagram while sharing press photos from season 19 to which Rachel, 26, added, “And the Bachelor mansion driveway.”

Who Are Gabby Windey’s Final 4 Guys?

Erich SchwerJason Alabaster and Johnny DePhillipo all earn a spot during hometown dates, Reality Steve reported. It’s believed that Justin Budfuloski is also in Gabby’s top four, but it has not been confirmed yet. The former Denver Broncos cheerleader definitely has her pick of amazing suitors.

ABC/Ricky Middlesworth

Erich, 29, is “low-key, funny, outdoorsy and a bit mysterious with a fun side,” according to his ABC bio. The real estate analyst, who hails from New Jersey, seems ready to settle down because he’s looking for a relationship that’s the “real deal.”

ABC/Ricky Middlesworth

Jason, 30, is also looking for a long-term commitment, as he is a “relationship kind of guy.” The California investment banker’s perfect match is someone who is “adventurous, trustworthy and down to enjoy a few drinks while the sun sets.”

Johnny DePhillippo Bachelorette
ABC/Ricky Middlesworth

The youngest of Gabby’s bunch is Johnny, 25. The Florida-based realtor is a “sucker for a good smile” and wants his future wife to “have good hygiene” and be “intelligent, outgoing and athletic.”

The Bachelorette Justin Budfuloski
ABC/Ricky Middlesworth

If Justin, 32, does in fact make it to hometown dates, the physical therapist is sure to impress with his “optimistic” personality. The California native is “always striving to be the best version of herself,” which would make him a great partner for Gabby.

Is Gabby Windey Engaged?

The Colorado native’s relationship status post-show has not been revealed … yet. While Gabby has remained hush-hush to avoid any spoilers about her finale, she is already having fun teasing fans.

In June, she showed off her left hand via her Instagram Stories and asked if anyone noticed anything new. Of course, there was no Neil Lane engagement ring to be seen, but it definitely got some laughs.


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