Former Bachelor star Gabby Windey may not have won over Clayton Echard’s heart, but she won over the hearts of viewers. Bachelor Nation gravitated toward her witty personality so much that she will be the next Bachelorette alongside fellow Bachelor alum Rachel Recchia.

The former Denver Broncos cheerleader was born in O’Fallon, Illinois, but moved to Colorado while attending college at the University of Colorado, where she dated former Bachelorette contestant Dean Unglert. Her family currently resides in different areas of the country but mostly in the areas that she grew up in!

Keep reading to learn more about the next Bachelorette’s family.

Who Are Gabby’s Parents?

Gabby’s hometown visit was “untraditional” compared to her fellow Bachelor contestants’ visits to their families with Clayton. In the episode, she was greeted by her aunt, uncle, cousin and iconic grandpa. The Denver resident was devastated that her father, Patrick Windey, couldn’t be there to meet Clayton because his girlfriend had recently been diagnosed with cancer, and he couldn’t risk her health due to COVID-19.

However, he surprised Gabby during hometowns while conversing through cue cards via her favorite movie, Love Actually.

Patrick doesn’t have an Instagram, per Gabby’s Instagram caption, so he is very low key. What we do know is that he is his daughter’s “number one fan.” The 31-year-old has also revealed a few times on her Instagram account that her dad loves aliens which is totally out of this world!

​​”I know I know I know, he doesn’t have an insta but I wanna show his alien-loving-self off. Thanks for all you do,” her 2018 Instagram caption read.

The ICU nurse briefly shared with Clayton that she currently has a strained relationship with her mother, Rosemary Hewitt, which is why she was not there for her hometown’s episode.

Although they may not be on the best terms, Rosemary showed support for her daughter by sharing an article about the Bachelor star on her Facebook account on January 4, 2022. According to her Facebook page, she currently lives in her native state of Texas. Just like Gabby, she works in the medical field as a registered nurse.

Wedding bells are in Rosemary’s future as she has been engaged to her fiancé Allen Ware since 2018 and gained a stepdaughter through the engagement.

The Bachelor Star Gabby Windey Has a Colorado Native Family Meet Her Family Grandpa Joe
Courtesy of Gabby Windey/Instagram

Does Gabby Have Siblings?

The reality star’s older sister Jazzmin Windey is a professional photographer and is the owner of Jazzmin Windey Photography, according to her Facebook page.

The Art Institute of Colorado alumna has been married to her husband since 2011 where they later welcome their three children. Jazzmin moved from Colorado back to her hometown of O’Fallon, Illinois in March 2021.

We Can Go On About Grandpa John

The strongest love of season 26 of The Bachelor was the fans’ feelings towards Gabby’s sweet and hilarious grandpa John. He protected his “lovable dingbat” during the hometown date and fans learned that he still wears his wedding ring although his wife passed away.

While he may be Gabby’s biggest fan — TBT to his reactions during The Final Rose— they are rivals when it comes to football. In a 2013 photo Gabby posted on Instagram, grandpa John and her father were seen sporting Green Bay Packers Cheeseheads and T-shirts!

Gabby’s Extended Family

Gabby’s cousin Kira Bowman — who you may have noticed during her hometown date — cheers on sports teams like her older cousin, but in a different way. The college student attends the University of Georgia, located in her home state.

Kira was a member of the 2021-2022 Georgia Bulldogs’ Redcoat marching band, which helped tune the football team to a national championship!

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