The summer they split? The Summer I Turned Pretty star Gavin Casalegno and longtime girlfriend Larsen Thompson have broken up after nearly six years together, a source tells Life & Style. J-14 was the first to break the news of their split

Fans started to wonder if the pair had called it quits after Larsen was nowhere to be found at the show’s red carpet premiere in June 2022. Since neither of them has publicly talked about the then-rumors of a potential split, online users continuously asked for a relationship update on the duo’s respective TikTok accounts. 

“Are you and Gavin still together,” a fan wrote under one of Larsen’s TikTok videos, while another commented, “Larsen you are soooo pretty!! and sooo motivating and sympathetic Wish you and Gavin the best !!!”

More notably, both the entertainers often respond to their fans’ comments on the popular social media app, but when it comes to questions pertaining to their relationship, they stay mute. Furthermore, the pair have been MIA from each other’s social media accounts, which also raised eyebrows because they loved to flaunt one another online. 

 'The Summer I Turned Pretty' Star Gavin Casalegno and Girlfriend Larsen Thompson Call It Quits
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Their relationship started with a modern-day love letter: an Instagram DM. According to the ballerina, a mutual friend mentioned introduced the two and they instantly connected. “We chat with a mutual photographer, and the next week, Gavin and I are shooting with her, and she’s like, ‘Oh, my God, you have to meet this person. You guys would be so cute together,’” Larsen said in a February 2018 YouTube video alongside the Amazon Video star.

“So, I went onto her photos and saw a picture of Gavin, so I liked it, he saw my like and came onto my Instagram, and he slid into my DMs.”

They became Instagram official the same year they met in 2016 and experienced a romance-novel type of love throughout their relationship. He even gushed over doing extreme romantic gestures for Larsen, even in their very early stages of dating — like the time he flew to Texas and surprised the model for her sweet 16 birthday bash.

“Her parents brought her to some restaurant at Universal Studios and I jumped out of the corner and fake proposed with a Hershey’s kiss,” he told Seventeen in June 2022. “Little did I know her dad was standing right there, and so that was the first time meeting him. It was hilarious. We laugh about it now, but I haven’t found a length that I wouldn’t go to make a romantic gesture.”


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