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Google cloud computing AI transformed Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs in machine-made artworks. Google Cloud Neural Networks used its artificial intelligence (AI), software to create art. Nonfungible token (NFT), art.

The AI turned all 10,000 Bored Ape Yacht Club (NFTs) into machine-made art. These works of art are abstract paintings. The paintings look like a Yuga Labs collection when closely viewed.

Artsy Monke was the name of the project. It combined the BAYC ape inspiration with the artistic, fine-art aspect of the final product. Officially, Artsy Monke used years of AI advancement and image diffusion techniques. Images were created using Google’s collaborative Notebook service Colab, in conjunction with cloud computing.

Google’s AI can create these NFTs using text description, not just reference images. The AI was given the BAYC NFTs as a “loose canvas” to create these pieces, according to CryptoGrims, the AI artist.

CryptoGrims called the initial reaction mind-blowing, and tweeted: “This is what happens #technology meets #art.”

After the initial feeding of an image canvas, the artist stated that they had to teach the AI how paint in “the 20 different art styles we selected and then run multiple servers for several week to achieve the results we desired.”

While some images can be paired with original BAYC images easily, the intricateness of these Artsy Monke creations are unbeatable.

Some pieces by Artsy Monke have whole micro worlds digitally painted to the outline of an Ape, while others are a blend of futuristic elements and ape-shaped collages.

This 10,000-piece collection was priced at 0.001ETH. That’s less than the usual high prices for BAYC NFTs. It cost $1.40 at the time of its sale. The collection was quickly sold after it was listed on OpenSea.

The NFT, according to its creators acts as a utility token that allows holders to access Artsy Monke games and other activities. “We wanted Artsy Monke pieces that you could hang on your walls, but also because we use Web3 technology, holders can access Artsy Monke games and make real money. Dan Hovey (the blockchain developer behind the project) said that the more Monke NFTs you have, the more games and money you can win.

The original BAYC collection is still in demand so this project is BAYC-inspired. Last month hundreds signed up to make their NFTs available to hire to outside companies. The clothing brand Old Navy launched a shirt with a leased ape shortly after.

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