If you want a Google’s well-rounded Android phone, you can opt for Google Pixel 3a. Google Pixel 3a consists of numerous features such as OLED display, polycarbonate back case, SnapDragon 670 Processor, 4GB RAM with internal storage of 64GB.

Features Google Pixel 3A Specs
Price USD 399
OS Android 10
CPU Qualcomm Snapdragon 670
Processor Speed 2 GHz
Memory Storage 64 GB Internal Storage
Dimensions 6.0 * 2.8 * 0.3 inches
Screen Size 5.6 inches
Screen Resolution 2,220 * 1,080 pixels
Camera Resolution 12.2MP; 8MP
Battery Durability 9 hours, 22 minutes (Wi-Fi video streaming)

Google Pixel 3a

399 USD


  • Good Processor Performance
  • High Camera Resolution
  • Longer Power Backup


  • No External SD Card Storage
  • No wide angle selfie lens


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