Non-fungible token sales had risen month by month to $4.77 billion at the end of January 2022. NFT sales in September were $549.82million, which is 88% more than January’s. Additionally, NFT was the most searched term on Google Trends in January. It scored 100. The score for September was 12, which is 88% lower.

Non-fungible token (NFT) technology was extremely popular at the beginning of 2022 and the end of 2021. According to Google Trends data (GT), the global search term NFT received the 100th highest ranking search query in the GT database.

It was actually the first time that the search term had reached this area according to the GT database. However, today’s score is 88% lower, with a score of 12 between September 25 and October 1, 2022. According to GT metrics, China is currently the most active country. Hong Kong, Singapore and Nigeria are close behind.

NFT sales have also fallen since January, with records showing that they were hovering just above the half billion mark or $549.82million.

This number is roughly 88.49% less than the $4.77 trillion in NFT sales eight months ago.

May was the last month NFT sales exceeded $1 billion. In July, NFT sales reached $3.18 billion. NFT sales declined to $879 million in the following month. In July, NFT sales were $682 million. August sales fell after NFT sales of $633 million were reported that month. September sales are 13.27% below.

The first week of October 2022 saw $105.22 million in NFT Sales via 191,175 unique Buyers. According to 30-day metrics, Bored Ape Yacht Club was the top-selling NFT collection. Its $30,964,305 sales were the highest since last month.

This is 37.49% less than the BAYC’s previous month’s sales. Cryptoslam.io has compiled statistics that show QQL Mint Pass saw $27.80 million in sales this month, while Cryptopunks took $23.49 million.

The new generative art NFT project featuring artwork by Tyler Hobbs, Dandelion Wist Mene and Dandelion Mane is a brand-new collection without any market data. However, Cryptopunks’ $23.49M in NFT sales is 12.27% more than the 30 days before.

Four projects experienced three-digit increases in their sales this month compared with last month’s NFT data. These include Renga and Gods Unchained as well as Ethereum Name Service (ENS) and NFL All Day. The Ethereum blockchain accounted for most of the volume in the last month with sales of $345,633,653.

Solana’s $114.32million, Flow’s $21.61 million and $18.95million from Immutable X sales followed Ethereum’s sales. 

Although Ethereum-based NFT sales were dominant, month-over-month stats show ETH sales have fallen 21.26%. 30 day metrics show Solana-based NFTs are up 109.23%, and Flow NFTs are up 40.58%. NFT sales derived from the Immutable X Network saw a monthly increase of approximately 125.30%.

Yuga Labs’ associated NFT collection, such as the Bored Ape Yacht Club or Otherdeeds, is responsible for the five most expensive NFTs that were sold in the past 30 days. Bored Ape #8585 sold for $1.03 Million, while Bored Ape #441 sold for $350.991 19 days earlier.


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