According the Bitcoin Obituaries List, bitcoin died 15 times between 2022 and now. The last statement about bitcoin’s death was written on June 18th, in a statement that stated: “Bitcoin will not recover.” Google Trends data also shows that this week’s search term “bitcoin” is expected to reach an all-time high.

You may have heard, or read about, the phrase “bitcoin has died” in recent times. Many people believe bitcoin is dead, while others believe it is the future of money. Bitcoin prices have fallen to $17,593 per one unit over the past two weeks.

Glassnode, an analytics company, shows that the losses in the last three days were huge. Glassnode explained that the losses in the last three days were the largest realized USD loss in bitcoin history. Investors have locked in more than $7.325B in Bitcoin losses by spending coins at higher prices.

Two days ago, the bitcoin Obituaries list posted on 99bitcoins.com indicated that bitcoin had suffered its 15th death. Peter Schiff, a gold bug and economist, wrote the obituary via Twitter. Schiff believes bitcoin is worthless. He has repeatedly stated that Bitcoin’s value is heading to zero. Schiff’s most recent bitcoin obituary, called “Bitcoin will not recover”, states that the current crypto crash is only the beginning. Schiff’s obituary says:

As they have been through 73% drops in the past, long-term bitcoin HOLDERS are not worried. However, previous falls didn’t involve a large amount of market cap loss or leverage. This crash is only the beginning. Bitcoin will not recover.

Google Searches for “Bitcoin is Dead” Expected to Rise Significantly this Week
Bitcoin.com News recently reported Schiff’s bitcoin opinion last Wednesday, when he stated that crypto advocates “need” to sell bitcoin “to pay the bills” and this week’s GT Data score for the phrase “bitcoin dead” was expecting to reach an all-time high of 100.

GT data has not shown a search phrase reaching a record high since the Terra blockchain fiasco. During the week of May 8-14 the search phrase “bitcoin dead” reached 38 out of 100. According to 99bitcoins.com’s Bitcoin Obituaries List, 2022 has beaten 2012, 2011, 2010, and 2020.

There were approximately 47 obituaries in 2021, and only 14 in 2020. In 2020, there were only 14 obituaries and 2021 had 47. According to the Bitcoin Obituaries List, bitcoin has been killed 455 times.


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