That pitch is perfect! Hailee Steinfeld may be a Marvel star and have a voice of an angel, but she also has a sizzling figure. From her toned back to her ab-tastic stomach, the “Wrong Direction” singer is always ready to serve looks in a bikini. 

The Bumblebee actress got her noteworthy physique by genetics … kind of. Hailee’s dad is a personal trainer that has not only become her trainer but also help her get in shape for her role in the Marvel series on Disney+, Hawkeye

“I no longer get away with the ‘Dad, this hurts’ anymore. There is no remorse” she said during an October 2019 on Live With Kelly and Ryan. “He’s incredible because I come to him with a certain state of mind, and there’s an outcome that I want to accomplish, and he helps me get there.”

The Pitch Perfect actress collaborated with Frankies Bikinis for her own bikini collection with the popular swimwear line. The collection was inspired by ‘70s glitz and glamour with bikini pieces that had groovy designs. 

“Fashion has always been an integral part of my life, and for as long as I can remember, I have also had a passion for design,” she said in a statement

“Inspired by ’70s vintage fashion and my California roots, the collection we created not only feels authentic to my own personal style but offers a little bit of something for everyone.” 

So, what’s her workout routine that lands her deals with some of the hottest swimsuit brands? When she’s training hard, the Dickinson star does a whopping 3,000 situps a day, while working out five times a week. The “Let Me Go” singer also attends dance classes and kickboxing trainings occasionally. 

However, she doesn’t always have time for time-consuming workouts, so she will simply go on a walk. “For me, it’s always been about feeling good first and looking good second,” she told OK! in April 2021.

“If I’ve been in the studio all day, I’ll go outside to get some fresh air,” she continues. “If you do things to feel good, then the rest will follow.” 

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