After posting up the blog earlier today and going out to pay on a bill and grocery shopping me and Elizabeth were texting for most of the afternoon.     Hopefully she’ll read about these tragic events during the summer of 1997?     That was the night that I had gotten off from working late at the Detroit Theatre in Lakewood, Ohio.    It was sometime after midnight in arriving back to the 16 apartment complex that was northwest across Detroit Avenue from the theatre.     That early morning the ownership of the tropical fish store couldn’t pay on the high cost of heating that store.     During that time I was just beginning to get my life back on track and at the time I couldn’t afford to pay on the cooking gas or to keep my apartment warm during the winter.     Even though the heat coming up through the floor boards were keeping my place warm enough during the wintertime.     That tropical fish store had paid for an arsonist to burn down the building.    There were only two and half of these 16 apartments salvageable, because they couldn’t get the gas company to arrive in time to shutoff the gas lines to the building.    A lot of the gas lines ruptured throughout that apartment building.     I was lucky enough to salvage my music collection and a stock certificate that was 23 times the price value from when I had purchased it.     But there was something else that was quite valuable that I wished at times that I could travel back into time.   The following day was the Major League Baseball All Star game being played at where the Cleveland Indians were playing at.

       I was using my high math skills in assembling these 21 books and charts to breakdown the Ohio Lottery Pick 3 game.     These 21 books and charts were so accurate on nearly every drawing, it would pinpoint for that drawing which set of numbers would more likely come out for each row.

       Nearly every drawing it was giving me 2/3’s of the those pick 3 numbers for that drawing and it eliminated in playing the box bet.    Was able to place funds like somewhere between $50 to $70 on straight bets and win more money.     I was bringing in around thousands of dollars each week and was taking that money to invest into stocks.     So I was making even more money from those investments and the stock certificate that was 23 times helped me pay on another apartment.      Once Elizabeth reads in what I have texted her on the Google Hangout site about these 21 books and charts.    For one I have been reconfiguring these charts so that they could work on the Powerball game.     Even though I started on configuring the work as it will need in hiring people to assemble these charts.    Once they are completed then it would breakdown the Powerball numbers and improve the odds for the people that play in winning on the game.      But the Powerball blog that I started will be part of Carson Investment Services LLC when phase III has completed.     Well earlier I have mentioned that I would list some of the 20 stocks that I was researching over the 4th of July holiday weekend.

      Seeing in the earlier post was the 1st one was Cellectar Biosciences Incorporated in that we had purchased shares in earlier this morning.

      2.) Cocrystal Pharma Incorporated.

 Stock symbol COCP, at the moment just keeping an eye on it, the stock showing on the MACDs that its declining and will wait for a better price on the stock.     The stock has  been in decline since 6/25/21 and its Relative Strength Index has fallen down to 38.19 as of today 7/6/21.     It has two analysts following the stock, with 12 month price targets of a high of $5.00 and a low of $4.00 dollars, the stock closed today at $1.16 a share.

       3.) Histogen Incorporated.

  Stock symbol HSTO, this stock is showing some slight increases on the MACDs with activity pushing it towards the plus side.    The Relative Strength Index on the stock has shown the price falling and it was at 48.89 percent.    It closed today at $1.02 and has one analyst following it with a 12 month price target of $4.00.

       4.) ADMA Biologics Incorporated.

  Stock symbol ADMA, at the moment just watching this stock, the MACDs are dropping downward and the price on the stock has been falling since 6/25/21.     The Relative Strength Index has dropped down to 30.49 percent today.     It has 4 analysts following the stock with an average 12 month target of $8.00, the high price target is $10.00 and the low is $6.00, it closed at $1.51 today.

       5.) Abeona Therapeutics Incorporated.

   Stock symbol ABEO, just another stock in keeping an eye on as the MACDs are pulling the price down on this stock.     Its been falling since 6/28/21 and the Relative Strength Index has dropped down to 37.67 percent.     The stock is followed by 3 analysts with an average price target of $5.67, the 12 month high target is $8.00 and $4.00 for the low price target, the stock closed today at $1.50 a share.

        Here are the stock futures going into Wednesday morning 7/7/21: DOW is down by $25.00, the S & P 500 is down by $1.75 and the NASDAQ is up by $7.25 at 7:18 pm PST.      The dollar previously closed at $92.55 today and has reopened with a low of $92.51 and a high of $92.58, right now the US dollar is at $92.52 at 7:21 pm PST.     From yesterday the MACDs on the positive blue line was at +.49 and moved up to +.50.     The negative red line yesterday was at a +.42 and climbed up to +.43, the last two days the history line has been steady at +.07.


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