The queen of Halloween! Heidi Klum has a reputation for knocking it out of the park when it comes to her annual costumes. The model has dressed up as Jessica Rabbit, a butterfly, an alien and so much more — and she’s always down to turn up her sexy or scary!

Heidi threw the first of her now legendary Halloween costume parties in New York City in 2000. “It’s crazy,” she told The Hollywood Reporter in 2018. “I never expected that this party was going to go on for so many years, but here we are!” she said excitedly. Unfortunately, Heidi’s bashes in 2020 and 2021 had to be cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

While her inaugural year attracted plenty of celebrities, they weren’t really in the Halloween spirit. “The majority of guests were not super dressed,” she told the publication. “So, after that, I implemented a ‘no costume-no entry’ rule. We quickly taught people that if you don’t come in a costume, you’re not getting in. The costumes get bigger and better every year. And that’s because guests know they won’t get in unless they bring it.”

Heidi’s earned her nickname as a “Queen of Halloween” as a result of her nearly two decades of hosting the biggest and most elaborate celebrity party. “I embrace that title! And I always want to live up to it, year after year,” Heidi proudly noted.

Growing up in her native Germany, there was an annual Karneval celebration filled with candy and costumes, but it wasn’t tied to anything scary or ominous. “When I moved to America, I immediately fell in love with Halloween and the spookiness of it. All that was missing was a fantastic party. It felt like a real opportunity for me,” the America’s Got Talent judge confessed.

As the party’s host, Heidi has had to be the most over-the-top example of getting into the Halloween spirit with her annual costume. In 2011, she began using hair and makeup department film professionals, as well as industry prosthetic experts for her one-of-a-kind costumes, including Michael Jackson‘s werewolf from his “Thriller” music video, Fiona from Shrek, a lifelike elderly version of herself and even a plastinated human body that looked like it came from the Body Worlds science exhibition.

“By me doing crazy, elaborate outfits as the host, my hope had always been that all my guests would follow. And it’s worked because, over the years, people have become increasingly more outrageous with their costumes,” Heidi gushed. While she didn’t host her epic party in 2021, the Making the Cut star will always be in the Halloween spirit come October 31.

Scroll down for photos of Heidi’s most iconic Halloween costumes over the years.


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