For My Solo Female Travelers, Here’s a Small, but Helpful Hotel Hack

Regardless of where you’re staying, something similar tends to happen at most hotels. It usually goes a little something like this. You check in and you’re given a key card that comes in a paper sleeve. This paper also usually has your room number on it. You place the key and the sleeve in your bag, purse or pocket and go on about your day.

Well, there’s a reason why I immediately discard that paper sleeve.

If you’re anything like me, then you enjoy solo travel. Or maybe you want to feel more comfortable doing so. I have an entire post with tips for women traveling alone.

Either way, this tip is especially helpful for my solo female travelers.

This is such a minor thing but I’ve been doing this for a few years and it helps me feel a bit safer.

So why do I discard the sleeve my room key comes in?

Well, if I lose my key card, someone has no way of knowing what my room number is, but if my key is inside the actual paper sleeve with my room number on it? Bam, someone now knows where I’m staying {the hotel name is on the sleeve!} and my actual room number.

Sure, I can go to the front desk and have them deactivate my old card and give me a new one, but the point is a stranger would now have knowledge of where I’m staying. That’s a no-no.

Instead, I separate the two immediately and just discard the sleeve. In the event that I do lose my key card, maybe someone will know what hotel I’m staying at {if it’s on the actual card} but at least they won’t have my room number.

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If I really want a sleeve to hold the key, I just ask the front desk to give me a blank one without my room number on it.

This is such a minor move and though I’ve never actually lost a key, it gives me an added sense of security.

Cheers to more travel in 2020.


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