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According to a senior employee of the university, a Namibian university will offer a master’s in blockchain technology in 2024. Already, the university has “infused” blockchain-based content into its level-8 programs.

Samuel Nuungulu (head of the IT department at UNAM), has announced that a course in blockchain technology will be offered by a Namibian higher education institution. The course will start in 2024.

Nuungulu, chairperson of UNAM’s steering committee for the MSc in blockchain technology told Bitcoin.com News the university hopes to “lay a foundation for possible incubator of tech-startups out of the skills this degree program would create in the nation.”

Nuungulu answered the question, “Why UNAM decided to offer the level 9 master’s program?”

Blockchain is the future, and we felt it necessary to use this degree in order to help develop these skills in the country as well as across the continent.

The chairperson revealed that UNAM is already “infusing blockchain technology-based content” into UNAM’s level 8, which UNAM hopes to be able to serve in the Senate next year.

Gurvy Kavei is also a member of UNAM’s steering group for the MSc in blockchain. He recently published a book to help people understand the basics and uses of blockchain technology. Kavei confirmed the university’s plans to introduce the blockchain course in a recent interview.

He stated that reports that the central bank was considering issuing a digital money, along with proposals to use blockchain technology in the public and private sectors, had forced the creation of the degree program.

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