Today we have four articles with three of them based on inflation, the inflation that we are facing is being caused by the pandemic.    That created a shortage on supplies and businesses raising prices, because prices on supplies went up to create the product that they sell to the customer.     More spending money can drive inflation up, increasing rates from the Federal Reserve helps keep inflation under control and keeps it around 2 percent.      Increased interest rates helps slows down the customer spending and lowers the inflation and so the dollar can be infected by inflation.    The price of the dollar rushing upward and suddenly starting to drop is another sign that we are facing inflation.     With interest rates to increase from the Federal Reserve in about 4 to 5 months.      Here are these articles about inflation and a stock market trading website.      How inflation affects your stock investmentsWhat impact does inflation have on the dollar value today.       How inflation correlates with the the US dollar indexWebull – investing in Stocks and more.       Here are the stock futures going into Friday morning 7/16/21: DOW is down by $68.00, the S & P 500 is down by $9.75 and the NASDAQ is down by $38.00 at 5:13 pm PST.

      The US dollar earlier closed at $92.62 and has reopened with the low at $92.56, the high at $92.59, as it is at $92.56 at 5:15 pm PST.      Struggling through this day and had notified Robert my friend in what I’m dealing with and had to release pressure from off my left hip.    The discomfort that I am going through and told him please no more delays, probably will need to have surgery to repair this damage left hip.     The pressure from wearing clothes is starting to cause me pain nearly everyday, here is another update on the stock futures: DOW is down by $85.00, the S & P 500 is down by $12.00 and the NASDAQ is down by $47.75 at 6:13 pm PST.      The dollar has climbed up to $92.60 at 6:15 pm PST, yesterday the positive blue line on the MACDs on the US dollar was at +.42 and today at +.41.      Yesterday the negative red line was at +.44 and still today it stayed at +.44, the history line from yesterday was at -.02 and falling down to -.03.     If the dollar starts showing a sharp decline, with these articles mentioning that it is an inflationary sign. 


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