With the Republicans and the Democrats about to take their August leave coming this Monday 9, 2021 and the finally pieces on the infrastructure bill taking place.    Hopefully they won’t be seeing any curve balls being tossed at them.     Had one of those drastic days last Tuesday 8/3/21, from unexpected curve balls while being out from paying on bills to making changes with banking.      Ended up closing one account due to that I wouldn’t have access to the savings account with a credit union bank.     But was re-routed once I arrived to the next bank to set up these plans in moving out to Florence, Oregon, the bank didn’t have enough staff due to the virus.    Had to head for another location, but after leaving from there I was on route to pay on the cellphone bill with T-Mobile.    Arriving at the next location to find out that the store was suddenly being remodeled, but the re-route kind had me taking a few more hours longer than what I wanted to.      Causing my injured left hip that I am planning on having a replacement done after the full replacement on my left knee.      Except this virus has been delaying the surgery on the left knee, but should hopefully get the surgery sometime after moving into this 4 bedroom house.      Had swelling around my left hip from nearly being out on Tuesday for 9 hours and had to do therapy along at some of the pressure points to remove most of the swelling and the lower back spasm Tuesday evening.

      But was still going through discomfort after the Wednesday meeting and had set up another meeting for Monday 8/9/21.     Well we have two articles this evening: $1 trillion infrastructure bill pours money into long delayed needs.        Jobless claims dip ahead of benefit expiration, here is the stock futures going into Friday morning 8/6/21.       DOW is down by $57.00, the S & P 500 is down by $4.75 and the NASDAQ is down by $4.75 at 6:16 pm PST.      The US dollar has reopened on the upside going into Friday morning 8/6/21 with a recent high of $92.34.     Low of $92.26 and is at $92.33 at 6:20 pm PST, the gap between the positive blue line and the negative red line on the MACDs is shrinking.      On Tuesday the negative red line was at +.22, on Wednesday it was at +.19 and at today at market closing it was at +.17.      The positive blue line on Tuesday was at +.08, on Wednesday at +.07 and today at market closing it was at +.07.      The negative red line is losing its declining momentum on the history line, Tuesday it was at -.14, on Wednesday it was at -.12 and today at -.10.     The dollar is being pushed back up from the positive blue line with the price of the US dollar heading upwards.


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