Are they gearing up for baby No. 1? Rachael Kirkconnell and former Bachelor Matt James sparked pregnancy rumors! Keep reading for details and clues. 

Is Rachael Kirkconnell Pregnant?

The Bachelor Nation alum and her boyfriend have yet to announce that they were expecting. However, fans started to speculate that the couple might have a baby on board in July 2022 when he uploaded an Instagram video in which he was installing a baby car seat during a partnership with Nissan.

“What’s one new years resolution you’ve stayed committed to??” Matt captioned the post. “
For me, I told myself I wouldn’t over commit! But when you’ve got an @nissanusa Altima its pretty easy to be everywhere you need to be! 
.. and prepare you for the places you plan to go.”

Is Rachael Kirkconnell Pregnant and Expecting Baby No.1 With Former Bachelor Matt James? Clues
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While putting the car seat in his car, Matt’s voiceover could be heard saying, “I count on my Nissan Altima to get me where I need to go, so that when this day comes — that’s right, it’s coming — we’ll have enough room for the entire basketball team.”

“I THINK THIS MAN JUST ANNOUNCED A PREGNANCY,” one fan wrote in the Instagram comments section. Another added, “Several baby hints the past few days, hmmmmmm.”

A third asked, “Did you just low key announce a baby is on the way?”

Do these two have baby fever?! A rep for Rachael did not immediately reach out to Life & Style‘s request for comment.

Has Rachael Kirkconnell Said Anything About Having a Baby?

While she’s stayed tight-lipped about any possible baby plans between herself and Matt, Rachael did tell Us Weekly in July 2022 that there was no “timeline” in her relationship.

“I feel like with everything we go through and whatnot, I feel like it’s pretty crucial to just have fun with one another no matter where we’re at or what we’re doing,” she explained. “We got to make the most of everything.”

Of course, the former ABC star was referring to how fans want them to get engaged due to the nature of their past on The Bachelor.

“I think we understand where they come from because, obviously, we came off of a show that expects an engagement at the end of it and whatnot. So now it hasn’t gone anywhere, of course, because they’ve expected it since day one,” Rachael explained. “So I think at this point, we’re just kind of used to it because like I said, they’ve just been expecting it for the entirety of our relationship. I don’t think it really affects us anymore — or it really ever did.”

She added, “The only timeline I give him is I was like, ‘I gotta have kids before, you know, I can’t have kids.’ So keep that in mind.”


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