Keeping our fingers crossed! Bachelorette star Rachel Recchia was excited to begin her journey to find love with co-leading lady Gabby Windey during season 19 following her split from Clayton Echard. Is she engagedKeep reading to see finale and winner spoilers about who she picks!

Is Rachel Recchia Engaged?

It’s still unclear if Rachel, 26, left season 19 with a fiancé or a Neil Lane engagement ring. However, the flight instructor has been serious about finding love, so getting engaged seems very likely for her.

The Bachelor Nation star “wants to find crazy, insane love that makes sense to no one else but her and her soulmate,” according to her ABC bio.

Rachel Recchia Top 2 Final Guys: Bachelorette Finale Spoilers
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Who Does Rachel Recchia Pick?

The Florida resident hasn’t given any hints about who her final guy (or possible fiancé) is, but the self-proclaimed “hopeless romantic” knew exactly what she wanted in a partner as she headed into season 19.

“Rachel is looking for someone who is as playful, passionate and spontaneous as she is,” reads her bio. “He should be nurturing, empathetic and MUST be respectful in all facets of life – to her, to family and especially to waiters. 

The Ohio University grad proved just how strong she was following her dramatic split from Clayton, 29. The season 26 Bachelor begged Rachel and Gabby to stay and fight for their individual relationships, only to end things with both of them shortly after to pursue his now-girlfriend, Susie Evans

“You told me that I was the first person that you said, ‘I love you,’ to in six years,” Rachel asked Clayton during After the Final Rose. “I had no reason to ever doubt you. So, did you tell me that you were in love with me because you wanted to sleep with me?”

The former football player denied that was the case and later elaborated on being “shocked” by her question during an interview with Us Weekly in March. “It hurt that that’s a question that she seriously is considering. … [But] if you don’t believe me, you don’t believe me,” he said at the time. “And I don’t think there’s anything I can say to convince you.”

That being said, Rachel assured that she did “not have feelings for him” during ATFR. “Watching him completely disrespect Gabby and I, since the beginning of Iceland, I don’t feel like it’s possible for me to watch that back and feel like someone who could act like that could truly love me,” she admitted. “So, no I don’t.”

Who Are Rachel Recchia’s Top 4 Contestants?

Moving on from Clayton, Rachel’s final 4 contestants, whom she chose for hometown dates, all seem like great guys. Aven Jones, Tyler NorrisZach Shallcross and Tino Franco are reportedly the leading lady’s finalists during season 19, according to Reality Steve. 

It seems she’s picked men who have the same strong romantic vibe as she does. Aven, 28, “is ready to put it all out there” once he meets the “right one.” Tyler, 25, wants “the kind of love you only see in movies” while Zach, 25, considers himself an “old-fashioned romantic” who loves doing “grand romantic gestures.” Not to be outdone, Tino, 27, is seriously family oriented and wants “four kids” of his own!


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