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It’s been about 10 months since I last published an article on Loud News Net. Getting back to it has certainly been top of mind, but life always happens. There are several reasons for my sabbatical. A combination of health, family, and employment hasn’t allowed me the time needed to continue building what I started back in 2019. However, that is about to change.

The New World Order

I originally started this site as a very simple weed-news aggregator for stoners. The pandemic and unrest of 2020 made me realize it needed to be more than that. Plus too many weed stories are boring. So we expanded our coverage to social and political issues, movies, art, music, crypto, and sub-culture, in general. All this with the goal of providing a content source that was authentic. Now of course by authentic I mean, authentic to who I am, and by transitory properties, my team. Not to be confused with the authenticity of the box or label that someone might put on the site.

There’s way too much of that going on. I certainly don’t fit into a convenient narrative and I realize most of the people I interact with don’t either. I would never describe myself as liberal or conservative. These terms mean nothing to me. I care about progress and solutions. The only way to accomplish that is through honest and open discussion with people who might not agree with you.

I have been active (maybe too active) on Twitter despite not posting on the website since February (@loudnewsnet). It is my favorite social media but there is a large contingent of users on the platform, that are blind loyalists to ideology on both sides. I’d just like to say, you are all bad people. You are not intelligent and are not capable of independent thought. You’re a fuckling lemming.

There, I said it. Not that it’s big deal to call out these fools. I’ve been called ANTIFA and MAGA within the same day on Twitter. Not that I give a fuck about either affiliation.

All you need to know about me is I’m a muthafuckin’ survivor. The muthafuckin’ Mean has paid dues and still is. I will not compromise to get clicks anymore. I will not overoptimize my shit so the Google gatekeeper of the internet puts it in front of you either.

The Internet is Fake

Oh yea, I’ve never run a website before 2019. One thing I’ve learned since kicking off Loud News Net, is that the internet of 2022 is complete bull shit. Most articles are spun by artificial intelligence meaning a mass echoing of a single idea across the internet wether that idea is good or not. Most clicks and social media followers are fake AF, and I mean FAKE, as in not real people. So next time you get jealous of an influencer with a million followers, just know that with $500 you could have the same with a few clicks on Fiverr. Finally, SEO is a scam. A hustle by shitty websites to hit keywords so Google displays their page before others.

My Goal

To be real, I just want to publish shit that hits you. Shit that matters. Shit that makes you think. That’s what I plan to do with the relaunch. That I can commit to you as my readers. Fuck all the other noise.

Author: The Mean

The Mean is the founder of Loud News Net. He is a proponent of equality, positive vibes, human rights, cannabis as medicine, and not being an asshole.

Prior to starting Loud, he spent his time making beats, writing rhymes, navigating board rooms, solving problems, surviving, and being thankful.

P.S. He runs the social accounts. Sorry.


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