The popular quiz show “Jeopardy!” has courted controversy twice this week — this time sparking a debate of Biblical proportions.

In the final round of Wednesday’s “Tournament of Champions” episode, contestants Amy Schneider, Andrew He and Sam Buttrey had to solve the following clue: “Paul’s letter to them is the New Testament epistle with the most Old Testament quotations.”

Schneider answered, “Who are the Hebrews,” which host Ken Jennings said was correct.

Buttrey offered, “Who are the Romans,” a response deemed incorrect, prompting outrage from home viewers who felt that that was the best answer.

He, the third contestant, answered, “Who are the Philippiaes?” also deemed wrong.

Amy Schneider, Andrew He and Sam Buttrey had to answer the following clue.

The problem is, the topic is still a matter of much discussion among Biblical scholars. Religious researchers have shared different perspectives on whether Paul actually wrote the letter to the Hebrews.

The Post reached out to “Jeopardy!” reps for comment on the holy hullabaloo. 

The controversy took hold on social media after the airing of the pre-taped show.

The confusing clue was under “The New Testament” category.

One fan said the clue writers should get a clue and stick with what they know: “Jeopardy should be a game of facts. Stop using Bible questions since there is substantial dispute about their authenticity as demonstrated by the outrage over game 3’s Final Jeopardy question.”

Others argued the clue was poorly written and unfair.

Although Schneider scored in the final round, He walked away as Wednesday’s victor. If Buttrey’s answer had been deemed correct — as some thought he should have been — he would have won the episode.

Devoted “Jeopardy!” fans are increasingly expressing frustration with the show’s divisive clues.

Recently on “Celebrity Jeopardy!” there was a clue involving Brian Laundrie, who committed suicide after killing his girlfriend Gabby Petito last year.

The clue read, “In 2021, fugitive Brian Laundrie ended his days in Fla.’s Myakkahatchee Creek area, home to these long & toothy critters.”

Laundrie’s family and show fans found the clue absolutely “tasteless.”

The screw-ups don’t stop there. Earlier this month, Jennings accidentally revealed the answer to a question and cursed afterwards.


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