The 250 NFTs in the upcoming sale will be limited edition and each one priced at 30 Ethereum.
Tiffany & Co. has been a prominent name in luxury goods for more than a century and is now launching a series NFTs.

A video showing a pixelated grid revealed NFTiff, the jeweler who hinted at its sale that will begin on August 5th was tweeted by the jeweler.

The tweet also stated a price for 30 Ethereum (just under $51,000 at the current price).

Cozomo De’ Medici, an influential NFT trader, shared an image that showed a description for NFTiffs. It stated that the offering would consist of a series digital and physical pendants made for Cryptopunk owners that would look similar to their existing NFTs.

According to the website, the offer will be available in a limited quantity of 250. After Tiffany & Co. has been exploring Web3 for months, Tiffany & Co. is now offering the NFTiffs as the first NFT product.

Tiffany & Co. made its first foray into NFT with the purchase of an Okapi NFT by Tom Sachs in March. , a luxury goods retailer, reportedly purchased the NFT from Tom Sachs for $380,000. Since then, the company has used it as its profile picture on Twitter.

TiffCoins were a limited-edition series of gold coins, which it released the next month. They debuted on April Fools Day. Each one of the 499 solid gold coins was limited in production.

Tiffany & Co. declared on its website that “No, We’re Not Launching Our Own Cryptocurrency.” These real, limited-release 18k Gold coins are a celebration of our history and a modern version our Tiffany Money.

Tiffany & Co. created a pendant in April for Alexandre Arnault (the company’s executive vice-president of products and communications) that featured CryptoPunk #3167. He owns it. It was made from rose gold and encrusted in sapphire, ruby, yellow diamond.

NFTiffs’ page features a statement at its bottom that it’s “powered” by chain, a block-chain-based technology company founded in 2014. It has received funding from companies like Visa, Capital One, Nasdaq and Nasdaq.

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