Joe Rogan thinks it’s hypocritical for Hollywood figures to promote gun control measures while remaining silent about the film industry’s depictions of gun violence on the big screen.

“Isn’t it f–king wild that Hollywood in general is very anti-gun, but they promote guns more than any other media on the planet?” Rogan asked his guest, comedian Tim Dillon, during the Aug. 19 episode of “The Joe Rogan Experience,” which is streamed on Spotify.

Rogan added: “All their best movies, whether it’s ‘The Gray Man,’ or whether you’re watching ‘The Terminal List’ or ‘Mission Impossible.’”

“It’s all ‘Guns save the day.’ Guns kill aliens, guns kill werewolves, guns kill everyone. Everyone bad gets killed by guns.” 

Rogan sarcastically said: “‘But guns are bad and you shouldn’t have guns.’ It’s crazy.”

Dillon chimed in, saying: “Well, these are also the same people that live in these 20,000-square-foot homes and fly private jets, but talk endlessly about climate change. The same people.”

Rogan made the remarks during a recent episode of his podcast "The Joe Rogan Experience."
Rogan made the remarks during a recent episode of his podcast “The Joe Rogan Experience.”
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Dillon then said he thinks high-salaried actors in Hollywood undergo a change in thinking.

“I get it,” the comedian said.

“Because if they start paying you the kind of money they make to ‘play pretend,’ they start paying you that kind of money to play ‘dress-up’ — $80 million a year, $40 million a year, you start to go crazy.”

Dillon said Hollywood elites “developed this cognitive dissonance where you see yourself as something completely different than what other people see and your behavior as something that’s completely different.” 

“They don’t view that as hypocrisy,” he added. “They view it as like, ‘Yeah, guns are bad, but we can make them good.’”

Rogan replied: “That’s so crazy.”

Amy Schumer gives a speech during an anti-gun rally in Los Angeles in 2018.
Amy Schumer gives a speech during an anti-gun rally in Los Angeles in 2018.
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“But that’s literally the way they think — ‘Guns are not good, but in our hands, they’re great because we can craft a narrative that makes them justified to have,’” Dillon said.

“And that woman that lives in her house who protected herself against an intruder? Yeah. That’s not ‘Mission Impossible,’” Dillon said.

“So that’s how crazy they are.”

To which Rogan replied: “It doesn’t seem odd if you think about what they do, they make fake things. So of course they’re fake.”

Earlier this year, some 200 Hollywood actors, writers, producers and directors signed a pledge vowing to portray guns in a responsible way onscreen.

Some of the big names who attached their signatures to the pledge include Julianne Moore, Judd Apatow, Debbie Allen and Adam Brody, among others.

Last year, cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, 42, who was working on the set of the Western “Rust” — starring Alec Baldwin — was accidentally shot and killed when the gun held by the actor discharged.

The case remains under investigation.


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