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Earlier this week, WFAN’s Craig Carton said that former WFAN and current Ringer and SNY broadcaster John Jastremski disregarded his radio advice – and took some potshots at Jastremski’s career decisions. Jastremski then fired back with a reference to Carton’s gambling scandal.

It began earlier this week when Carton and Evan Roberts were having a conversation during afternoon drive and Carton intimated that Jastresmki’s career has fallen off the map since ignoring his advice.

“The insight I gave him was — he’s not even in the business anymore, right?” Carton asked of Jastremski, who left WFAN for the Ringer last year. “I liked JJ a lot but that was not the smartest career move. I thought he went to work at McDonalds or something. As a a manager, not like flipping burgers or anything.”

Craig Carton chided John Jastremski for not taking his broadcasting advice.
Craig Carton chided John Jastremski for not taking his broadcasting advice.
Dave Kotinsky

When told Jastremski also appears in studio for SNY, Carton said, “You see lots of people on SNY, they pay like $30 a shift. Not a joke, $30 a shift.”

“Carton & Roberts” is simulcast on SNY, which also has a video content partnership with The Post.

Carton said that he advised Jastremski to say “NFL” instead of “National Football League” because “No one talks like that. [It’s] nails on a chalkboard.” Carton wanted Jastremski to “talk like normal people talk.”

Jastremski did not heed the advice, and years later it clearly left an impression on Carton – and Carton’s segment left a poor taste in Jastremski’s mouth.

On his Ringer podcast, “New York, New York,” Jastremski fired back.

John Jastremski fired back at Craig Carton, calling him a crook.
John Jastremski fired back at Craig Carton, calling him a crook.
Instagram / John Jastremski

“I don’t like going here with this stuff, ’cause I know this plays right into what this guy likes to do,” Jastremski said, as covered by Barrett Sports Media. “This is his M.O. This is what he’s done his entire career. It’s what he’s done for his entire career and he’s had success doing it. He lives for this stuff. But it really set me off. It set me off because I gotta see it on Barrett Sports Media while I’m on vacation. Like I wanna be bothered with this s–t, number one. Number two, it’s just tone-deaf, insulting, and flat-out rude every which way.

“Number one: going after people who work at McDonald’s? Who the hell are you to do that? Number two: You’re insulting a multi-billion dollar company where I work. I have a great job, a great platform, a great producer. I have two great jobs, I might add. And you’re insulting both of them. By the way, you’re on that network. Five days a week. And you’re insulting that network. How stupid are you? Taking shots at people of the network you’re on, I’m on. And I could tell you, it pays well. I do ok.”

Then Jastremski struck a personal blow.

“As for career advice? Guess what?” he asked. “I listen to legends. Bill Simmons, you ever hear of him? Worth a lot more than you. Mike Francesa? My boy Adam Schein? I listen to those guys. I’m not listening to a crook. So you know what? Go take a f–king hike. How about that.”

In 2018, Carton was convicted of fraud in connection with a scheme in which he and two other men solicited money from investors to buy tickets using industry connections, and scalp them. Carton used the money in part to pay off gambling debts.

Carton served slightly over a year in prison, and was released in 2020. He returned to claim the top spot in sports in WFAN afternoon drive with Roberts, and now also hosts a morning show on FS1.


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