Kendrick Perkins released a whopper of a video in response to Draymond Green calling him a slur.

The two have been sniping back and forth recently on their respective content platforms, and Green escalated things over the weekend. Speaking on his own podcast, the Warriors forward said of Perkins, “You go from being enforcer to c–n.”

“C–n” is a derogatory term for a black person sometimes used to to accuse someone of cozying up to white power structures — and Perkins was incensed to be called that name.

“Hey Draymond, you good? The f–k you talking about? Didn’t you just win your fourth championship? What the f–k you worried about me for? What you mad? You mad because I’m doing it my way and it’s happening to work?” Perkins asked in a video.

“Forget the old media. Forget the new media. I’ma stand by the old law. Right? The old law says all that disrespect and all that ho s–t of calling someone a c–n, man you got me f–ked up. [There] ain’t nothing a c–n about me. I ain’t no c–n. There ain’t none of that. Straight up!”

Kendrick Perkins fired back at Draymond Green for calling him a "coon."
Kendrick Perkins fired back at Draymond Green for calling him a “c–n.”
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Perkins effectively said there’s no chance Green would fight him.

“And here’s the thing, dawg. We all know you’re all bark and no bite,” Perkins said. “We all know this! The NBA brothers know this. A lot of them that’s talking about you behind your back with the whistles know this. They know you’re not gonna do nothing. This is proven. This is facts. So stop with all the tough talk.”

Perkins said that Green could criticize his on-air opinions, but took it way too far, and again hypothesized that Green would back down from a fight.

Draymond Green called Kendrick Perkins a derogatory slur.
Draymond Green called Kendrick Perkins a derogatory slur.
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“You can talk about me as an ESPN analyst. You can talk about my takes. You can talk about everything you want to do. I don’t give a f–k about that. But what you’re not gonna do is you’re not gonna disrespect me and call me no motherf–king c–n. And I’m gonna stand on that. You talk about standing on something. I’m standing on that. That’s what I’m not gonna be, and especially by you when we all know you not gon’ do nothing … We know that. It’s proven. We know you ain’t gonna bust a grape in a fruit fight. We know you ain’t gonna pour milk on cereal. We know you ain’t gonna listen to go snap, crackle and pop.

“But that c–ning s–t, man you got me f–ked up. We could keep it entertainment, we could keep it ESPN, whatever you want to do, but we ain’t doing that c–n s–t homeboy. Real talk. Carry on.”

Ultimately, Perkins took down the video from his Twitter page.

“I took my post down addressing Draymond Green out of respect for my company and colleagues I work with everyday, but I was heard loud and clear,” he explained. “Happy Monday and carry on…”


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