Left-leaning shock jock Howard Stern blamed Republican “kooks” for derailing Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s bid to become House Speaker.

Stern likened the California congressman to a student receiving a “wedgie” in public while discussing the stalemate on Capitol Hill during Wednesday’s edition of Sirius XM’s “The Howard Stern Show.”

“This guy has wanted to be the Speaker of the House forever, this poor bastard,” Stern said. “I mean, you feel bad for him in a way.”

“The reason the dude can’t become Speaker of the House is that these Republicans have let in so many kooks that the kooks will not vote for him,” Stern added.

McCarthy fell short of the required threshold in three votes Tuesday, and House Republicans again remained divided after three more attempts to elect the next Speaker on Wednesday.

Howard Stern
Howard Stern argued Kevin McCarthy wants to be speaker too badly.
Howard Stern Show/YouTube

A group of GOP holdouts, including hardliners such as Rep. Lauren Boebert of Colorado and Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida, have blocked McCarthy from securing the leadership role – despite calls from former President Donald Trump and others to vote for him.

“The wedgie guy. That’s exactly who [McCarthy] is,” Stern quipped. “They’re wedgie-ing him in front of the whole world right now. ‘Wah, I wanna be Speaker of the House.’”

Stern noted that McCarthy had previously staged an unsuccessful bid to become House speaker in 2015 – and argued that some Republicans lawmakers were relishing an opportunity to stick it to their longtime colleague.

Kevin McCarthy
Kevin McCarthy has lost five votes and counting to become House speaker.
Alex Brandon/AP

“I think this guy wants it so badly that it’s kind of fun not to give it to him,” Stern said. “Like, you know when someone wants to be class president and they’re the teacher’s pet? Like, he looks like he’s so desperate for it that they won’t give it to him.”

“That’s why they won’t vote for him – he wants it too bad. He should just go, ‘F–k you. I don’t want it.’ But anyway, he needs to play hard to get. Not only that, he just looks like a dude that like you want to f–k around with. You know what I mean?”

Matt Gaetz
Matt Gaetz (center) is one of several Republicans blocking McCarthy’s bid for House speaker.
Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images

McCarthy’s failed effort this week marked the first time in a century that a candidate for House speaker wasn’t confirmed on the first vote.

Mediaite earlier reported on Stern’s remarks.


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