Khloé Kardashian loves her long acrylic nails and is mortified that for the second time in a week, her sister Kim Kardashian has turned to wearing press-on nails for a major event. Now, she’s mocking the SKIMS founder for going with the cheap and easy beauty solution.

“Am I related to this person?” the Good American founder, 38, asked in a Thursday, November 17, Instagram Story showing the sets of tape-on nails Kim, 42, has been wearing while modeling her own highly-manicured glittering silver acrylics. Khloé ran her fingers through the press-ons that were sitting on a countertop, picked them up and let them fall back down with a laugh.

Khloe Kardashian Mocks Kim Kardashian Press-on Nails
Courtesy of Khloe Kardashian/Instagram

In an Instagram Story earlier in the evening, Kim showed off her long green nails and explained that they were once again press-ons that had been taped to her own nails. The businesswoman had total pride in how they looked and posted a Friday, November 17, Instagram photo flaunting her gorgeous green nails once again.

That led some fans to believe the beauty mogul could be coming out with her own line of the easy-to-use faux nails. “When are the press-ons being released Kim?” one fan asked in the comments, while another wrote, “I would totally wear a Kim K press-ons.” Others loved that The Kardashians star’s nail look was so relatable, with one user cheering, “We stan a press on queen lol.”

Khloé called Kim out earlier in the week when it was revealed her long pink nails with white tips that she rocked for the Baby2Baby gala on Saturday, November 12, where press-ons. Kim paired the affordable look with a Barbiecore Balenciaga gown to accept the organization’s Giving Tree Award.

After Kim shared an Instagram Story showing the press-ons lying on her countertop following the event, Khloé reposted it to her own Stories with Tyra Banks‘ infamous America’s Next Top Model shaming meme. “I was rooting for you!!! We were all rooting for you!!! How dare you!!! Tyra,” Koko wrote above Kim’s faux nails photo.

The aspiring lawyer has shared in the past that the “claws” Khloé and her other sisters sport simply don’t work for her. “I can’t do long nails,” she told Allure in June 2022, as her legal studies require her to churn out many papers, making short nails a practical necessity for all that typing.

“They’re usually just taped on for a shoot or the night,” she explained to the publication, adding, “When I have my nails on, everyone will laugh. They’ll be like ‘nothing you’re saying on text makes sense.’”


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