Feeling the heat! Kim Kardashian is getting mocked by fans after she posted a cooking video on social media. The Kardashians star is such a busy mogul and not exactly known as someone who spends a lot of the time in the kitchen. So, when she shared a cooking video ad for Beyond Meat products about how she makes meals for her four kids on Instagram, fans went in hard on how they didn’t believe Kim actually knew her way around food preparation.

“Hey guys! As a busy mom, I’m always looking for quick and easy options to feed my family that are both healthy and delicious. My current go-to meal is to put Beyond Meat chicken nuggets in an air fryer,” Kim explained in the November 7 video while carefully taking the food out out of the appliance and putting it on a plate.

“In 10 minutes, you can make a healthy plant-based protein option that everyone in the family loves,” the SKIMS founder continued, as she arranged the nuggets next to several dipping sauces.

Fans didn’t buy what Kim was selling. One person wrote, “Lol, we all know she has a chef,” while another added, “Oh please …lmao! As if you actually cook anything,” with a laughing emoji. “I need North to confirm this lol,” one person asked, referring to Kim’s very expressive eldest daughter North West, whom she shares with ex-husband Kanye West. The 9-year-old star has been known to openly sass her mom over in numerous videos for stretching the truth.

Several other folks pointed out how the “kitchen” Kim was preparing the nuggets in looked nothing like her massive, pristine home kitchen that doesn’t even have any appliances on the countertops, as it is so minimalist. “Why does her kitchen look like a hospital prep room? Speaking as a busy mum who actually does prepare chicken nuggies,” a user asked in the comments.

A personal chef has appeared in several scenes filmed at Kim’s house for her family’s Hulu reality series, The Kardashians. During a May 2022 episode, a handsome man with a white chef’s apron appeared and asked, “Shall we bring the dinner to the dining room table?” as Kim had several family members over. After she gave him the go ahead,  he told the SKKN founder, “We’ll have it right out.”

The Kardashian family has also been known to use the services of Khristianne Uy, affectionately known as “Chef K,” who has been tagged in numerous Instagram posts picturing everything from family dinners to lavish parties.


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