Slipping up! Even Kim Kardashian experiences wardrobe malfunctions every now and then. While the Kardashians star usually looks picture perfect in public, she has occasionally dealt with a few nip slips and dress dips.

In May 2022, the Skims founder had a quick but noticeable accident with her brand’s sheer, black bra. While modeling the lingerie in an Instagram Story video, Kim panned the camera and the left side of the bra dropped for a brief second, to which she reacted by saying, “Oh s—t.”

However, she managed to cover up the risqué moment by placing a black heart emoji and an emoji slider poll across her chest.

In a previous incident, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians alum flashed her green thong underwear while she walked out of her vehicle and held onto her bright yellow slit dress in Miami in August 2018.

Like a true pro, Kim isn’t a stranger to outfit issues. In January 2014, she had to quickly find another clothing choice before she appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

“I get this dress tailored and it completely does not fit,” she told the former talk show host at the time. “It was so bad. So, I had to figure out something last minute and I’m all packed to go to Paris, and I have nothing and so I just kind of put it together really quickly. “

While she didn’t expect the malfunction to happen, Kim explained to Ellen that “something told [her] an hour before, ‘Just try it on.’”

“I had a fitting last night, so they were tailoring it today, and I thought, ‘Oh I’m good. I’ll just put it on right before,’” the reality TV star added. “Tried it on, completely didn’t fit. Like, nothing that could have been fixed.”

When it comes to fashion, Kim likes to embrace her own style preferences. She also opened up about how she’s faced criticism for what she would wear in an April 2022 interview with Vanity Fair. However, the Hulu personality explained that she stays true to herself and doesn’t pay attention to the critics.

“I used to care so much and get so upset and have it literally ruin my day,” Kim admitted at the time. “And I’ve come to the realization where I’m just like, ‘It doesn’t matter.’ Nobody cares and you just have to let go … like if you want to wear something super chill and no makeup, it took me a minute to get there, but that’s where I’m at.”

Scroll down to see Kim’s most noticeable wardrobe malfunctions. 


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