Chemistry lesson! Kourtney Kardashian was roasted by fans for appearing not to know that minerals are in fact chemicals. 

“Your skin deserves minerals, not chemicals,” the Kardashians star, 43, tweeted on Tuesday, August 29, about her lifestyle website Poosh’s skincare collaboration with AlkaGlam to create a charcoal facial mist. 

“Quick, what are minerals made of,” one person retorted. Someone else added, “You don’t even know what that means,” along with a Google search that read, “Minerals are made up of chemical elements. A chemical element is a substance that is made up of only one kind of atom.”

“Same thing, hun,” a separate tweet read to which another user wrote, “As someone who is currently doing their Bachelors in chemistry, this s—t hurt my brain. I thought we left that ‘all chemicals are bad’ behind in 2020. Everything is a chemical, accept it.”

Kourtney K. Roasted for Not Knowing Minerals vs. Chemicals

However, some people came to the Keeping Up With the Kardashians alum’s defense. One user thought that Kourtney was “obviously” talking about “harsh chemicals that are usually in skincare products,” while someone else suggested the wording was simply “marketing.”

Kourtney has frequently talked about her passion for “clean” skincare and even lobbied in front of Congress in 2018 in the name of clean beauty. At the time, the University of Arizona graduate testified at a briefing for Senate staffers with the Environmental Working Group. The intended goal was to give the Food and Drug Administration more power to regulate ingredients used in cosmetics and personal products.

“When it comes to products I use on my kids, I don’t play around,” she said at the time, Us Weekly reported. “Everyone should have the right to healthy products and personal care and that’s why I wanted to come and make this a bigger deal.” 

The Kourtney and Kim Take New York alum also shared an anecdote from her personal life. Her moisturizer, which had ingredients she was comfortable with, was confiscated at the airport because it was too large, and she was forced to use what was provided to her by the hotel. “The fact that we have to guess so much — we shouldn’t be walking around going, ‘Is this OK?’” she said.

In a Poosh article, Kourtney acknowledged that it’s “no secret” the reality star prefers “non-toxic goods,” adding, “It’s all about choices, and if you opt for skin and hygiene products that are free of harmful chemicals, it leads to a cleaner and overall healthier way of living.”


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