Kourtney Kardashian and husband Travis Barker struck again with their streak of shameless PDA, this time packing it on for the cameras in a steamy new vegan ad campaign. 

Kourtney, 43, and Travis, 46, posed for a set of punk rock-themed photos as part of their collab with plant-based chicken company Daring. In the photos, the Blink-182 drummer and the Poosh founder were are all over each other as they shared the vegan chicken nuggets. 

“Travis and Kourtney — for real — just make-out nonstop. That’s all they do,” Ellen DeGeneres told Kris Jenner during an April interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. “Well, it is 98% of the new show. Is that wrong?” Kris replied, speaking about their family’s Hulu show The Kardashians

The photo shoot for the campaign took place at the Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood, just two days after Kourtney and Travis’ Las Vegas wedding. The pair appeared happy as can be as they fed each other the plant-based product and explored their hotel room. In one photo, Kourtney was sitting in Travis’ lap holding a bucket of vegan chicken nuggets. In another, she was seated on a room service cart as Travis fed her. In each photo, the couple was dressed in their signature edgy attire, wearing lots of red, black and lace.  

As for the pair’s diet, Travis has been vegetarian since the age of 15 and became vegan nearly a decade ago. The shift was part of a promise he made to himself after surviving the plane crash with his friend DJ AM, according to Men’s Journal. Kourtney, for her part, is not vegan but sticks to a plant-based diet. 

“I’ve been on a health and wellness journey for the past 13 years, which has made me super conscious of what I put into my body and my kids’ bodies. I’m not fully vegan, but Travis has helped me keep to a mostly plant-based diet, which is so much easier with Daring,” the reality TV star said in a statement. 

According to her lifestyle site, Poosh, Kourtney is “mostly, like 95% vegan.”

“If you’re thinking about becoming vegan, you can make the shift in small waves if that’s easier for you,” reads a blog post on Poosh. “Start by replacing meat with plant-based options once a week and increase from there.”

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