Taking the surge upon inflation with most stocks dropping downward in price and the Federal Reserve talking about this inflation being temporary.     The only thing that I see is that it would be a goodtime to add funds towards your investments and increase the shares on the stocks that had fallen.    Noticing a lot of stocks being driven below the 40 percent Relative Strength Index, with some stocks hitting near there 52 week low.       Well, here is that article: Powell says the Fed is still a ways off from altering policy, at the moment the dollar had fallen by .31 cents in today’s trading session.      It closed earlier at $92.41, with it reopening the low on the US dollar was at $92.38 and has been as highest of $92.43 and is at $92.42 at 6:26 pm PST.     Yesterday the positive blue line on the MACDs on the dollar was at +.44 and today +.42, the negative red line yesterday was at +.45 and today 7/14/21 was at +.44.     The history line has been showing the negative red line pulling the US dollar further down, with yesterday it was at -.01 and today at -.02.      Here is the stock futures going into Thursday morning 7/15/21: DOW is down by $82.00, the S & P 500 is $8.75 and the NASDAQ is down by $12.25 at 6:36 pm PST.


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