Even though the call was kind of weird due to some connection issue as I had a conversation with my good friend Robert.      Learning that his good buddy up in the state of Washington is on vacation with his wife down in Arizona and then is travelling to Hawaii and had made arrangements with Robert.

     He only has one date to depart from Eugene, Oregon and has set things up for August 15, 2021 and learned that he was telling me about a house that we will be moving into.      Learning that it will be ready in the middle of September, a 4 bedroom house in Florence, Oregon.      So eventually I’ll be able to start moving this company I started many years ago to phase II of our plan.     Even though I started investing into stocks back in 1975 and learned so much over all those years and yes there are golden opportunities out there.     Yes, I have had many times to make a fortune over these years and even one investments name Hutchinson Technologies that I only had a small investment in them.     Well that stock was the best investment that I have ever made back in 1988 and so Hutchison back then had signed a 5 year contract with IBM to make the suspension springs for the hard disk drive.     Three years later that stock soared by 23 times its price value in when I sold it in 1991.     But learning to add and increase shares while a business is at a low price before they take off, like the Socket Mobile that I had purchased somewhere around $2 something a share.     Well another stock soaring up to around $35 dollars a share, so researching on these stocks to purchase them and add with other investments that we are holding onto.

      Some of these investments purchase somewhere between $1 dollar to $5 dollars, with us checking on analyst price targets.    With them ranging between $7 dollars to $25 dollars on these price targets and so if you have read some of our other post on our Stock Market Research Newsletter Report.     With our plan to be trading these stocks when they peak and reinvest into some of the other investments that are at a lower price.     With each month goes by and increasing the quantity on the total shares and constantly grow them year by year.     Even though I haven’t heard from Elizabeth at all yesterday and didn’t fall asleep until a little after 2 am in the morning.     Well my woman came on a little after 7 am this morning and learned how awful her life was with this drug addiction boyfriend.     Apparently she was forced into things she didn’t enjoy and so we are learning about each other more and more everyday.      The two of us are most definitely making these plans to meet and had asked her to move into this 4 bedroom house this morning.     Well here are the stock futures going into Friday morning 7/23/21: DOW is up by $65.00, the S & P 500 is up by $13.75 and the NASDAQ is up by 64.75 at 6:05 pm PST.       The US dollar had closed earlier at $92.82 and had recently reopened with a low of $92.78 and a high of $92.83.     With both lines falling on the MACDs and the negative red line pulling the dollar down on price, yesterday the negative red line was at +.43.     Today it was at +.42, the positive blue line yesterday was at +.41 and today had gone down to +.40.      With the history line heading further on the negative side, yesterday from -.01 today to -.02.


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