Every time I end up doing these figures as they always seem to show a profit building up, by having multiple investments into stocks.     Selling off some of the shares on one of the stocks that has profited and reinvesting back into another one of the many stocks that are being held.    Its about selling the higher price stock that has made a profit and purchasing one that already has shares in it, but is at a lower price than the one that had sold a few shares.     This increases the total amount of shares and increases profit overtime of the investment and its a way to use those funds within the investment without having to add anymore.      Since the beginning of the year I have been increasing these investments and will be selling off some more shares soon to purchase into another lower price stock.      Well here are the stock futures going into the weekend: DOW is up by $466.00, the S & P 500 is up by $49.00 and the NASDAQ is up by $102.00.       These stock futures can change by Sunday late afternoon 7/11/21, the US dollar dropped down by .32 cents today 7/9/21 to $92.10.       Yesterday the MACDs with the negative red line was at +.46 and was at today +.46, the positive blue line yesterday was at +.49 and today had gone down to +.45.

       The lines had converged today with the history line shifting from yesterday +.03 to a -.01 and the negative red line will begin to pull both lines downward and bring the price on the dollar down.

       Here are the remaining of the stocks that we have researched over the 4th of July holiday weekend.

       16.) Geron Corporation.

   Stock symbol GERN, on 7/1/21 this stock has been declining from a peak high of $1.47, but recently has begun to shift on the MACDs.       With it starting to show momentum on the MACDs and is back on our list of one of the stocks we are looking at purchasing soon.      The Relative Strength Index is at 44.45 percent, it closed today at $1.38 and it has 4 analysts following the stock.     Its average 12 month target is $4.25, the high target price is $7.00 and the low target is $3.00.

        17.) SenesTech Incorporated.

   Stock symbol SNES, this stock has been quite active with the share price jumping up and down, the MACDs is showing momentum to drive the price on the stock up.     The stock closed at $1.70 a share and the Relative Strength Index is at 53.74 percent.      This stock is only followed by 1 analyst and has an 12 month price target of $4.00 a share.

       18.) Americas Gold & Silver Corporation.

   Stock symbol USAS, this stock has been climbing since 6/29/21 when it was at $1.44 a share, the MACDs has been showing momentum drive the stock price up.     It closed today at $1.60 a share, the Relative Strength Index is at 47.38 percent and on 6/29/21 it was at 26.59 percent.     It is being followed by 7 analysts with an over on the stock.     The average 12 month target is $2.45, the high price target is $4.50 and the Low target is $1.66.

        19.) GoldMining Incorporated.

   Stock symbol GLDG, this stock has been falling since 7/2/21 and has just recently began moving upward.     The MACDs are stable right now without much movement yet, the Relative Strength Index is at 38.17 percent as we are just keeping an eye on the stock.     It is being followed by 3 analysts with an average 12 month target of $4.43, the high target is $5.75 and the low target is $3.30.

       20.) Liquid Media Group Ltd.

    Stock symbol YVR, this stock has been falling from 6/29/21 when it was at $1.76 a share and is on our list to purchase soon.     There has been a slow shift of momentum on the MACDs driving the price back up.     On 7/7/21 the stock bottomed to $1.52 and has closed today at $1.60 a share, the Relative Strength Index was at today 39.25 percent and was at 33.20 percent on 7/7/21.    Liquid Media Group is followed by only 1 analyst with an 12 month target price of $22.00 a share.       


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