She’s ~doin’ fine~ and these bikini photos prove it! Lauren Alaina rose to fame following her appearance on the tenth season of American Idol, which premiered in January 2011. While the Georgia native didn’t win, she did make an impact on the show’s viewers. So much so that she’s since released three studio albums over the years.

Other than singing her heart out on various country music stages, Lauren loves showing fans the ins and outs of her daily life, which sometimes includes a trip to the beach. Whether she’s rocking a one piece or has a bikini moments, fans can expect a photo of the “Getting Over Him” enjoying the sand and sun.

Throughout her time in the spotlight, Lauren has always made sure “body acceptance” was “a huge part of my platform,” she told Glamour in March 2022. “I’ve spoken out about it and tried to empower people to not let others define them,” she shared. However, the songstress has also experienced her own body image struggles, but meeting supermodel Paulina Porizkova on reality show Beyond the Edge helped her gain confidence.

“At the end, I walked out of there feeling so proud of myself because her body is beautiful and so is mine, and there’s room for every body type,” Lauren told the publication. “I was living with this woman who is a stunningly beautiful supermodel, and all that mattered about our bodies was if we could get them to the finish line. It didn’t matter how much we weighed or how tall or short we were. We had one common purpose, and it was to make a difference for people with our bodies and what they’re physically able to do.”

All in all, Lauren realized that her “mission as an artist” is to “stand up for women and really empower them,” especially when it comes to body acceptance.

“We all have different bodies,” the “Getting Good” musician shared. “It’s really an internal battle with yourself — your body is not in competition with anybody else’s body. I can accept that Paulina’s body is beautiful, and my body is beautiful. I’m never going to be Paulina, and Paulina is never going to be me.”

Realizing this made all the difference for the singer! Scroll through the gallery to see Lauren’s swimsuit photos over the years.


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