Tom Brady signed a massive 10 year $375 million broadcasting deal with Fox in May. LeBron James can’t help but think of what may be waiting for him in media.

Brady recently pulled himself out of his brief retirement to return for yet another NFL season. Now, almost 45 years old, the ageless wonder has his finances secured for when his playing days are over. The quarterback’s massive deal is set to pay him more than he has made in his entire NFL career, $302 million according to Spotrac.

This mega deal has attracted attention from Tom Brady’s NBA equivalent.

LeBron James is the NBA’s ageless wonder, and while he’s not pushing the same age threshold as Brady, at 37 years old it’s only a matter of time until James makes his exit from professional basketball. Even though he is still playing at an elite level, James’ Lakers underperformed and missed the playoffs this year.

LeBron James
LeBron James is interested in a career in media after his playing career is over.
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Tom Brady
Tom Brady

While he hasn’t discussed retirement yet, James admitted there may be a place for him in the media when it comes time.

“When I saw how much Brady signed for you’re god damn right I considered a career in media.” James said on Uninterrupted.

“My knowledge of the sport and being able to have my insight on the sport.” James said when asked why he could do it. “I want to stay around the game forever.”

LeBron James is already a billionaire, but a payout like Brady’s would only further James’ ability to pursue his various business and philanthropic ventures. James owns Uninterrupted, a media company which now produces various sports shows and interviews, and a wellness company named Ladder, which produces high-performance sports supplements. James also founded the LeBron James Family Foundation which opened the “I Promise” school in 2018. James has pledged $41 million to send every student of his school to college.

Given James’ stature within the basketball world, it’s possible ESPN, ABC, or TNT would jump on the opportunity to have the legend join their booths. Unless a career in coaching develops for James, he could be gracing TV screens in the next few years.


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