Billionaire Mark Cuban admitted his lengthy run on the popular reality TV series “Shark Tank” could be nearing its conclusion.

Cuban stars as one of the several judges, or “Sharks,” that hear pitches from startup founders and determines whether to invest in their businesses. He addressed his future on the show during an appearance on “Who’s Talking with Chris Wallace.” Portions of the interview aired Sunday night on CNN.

“The ‘Shark Tank’ came to me after our live show the other day, and made me promise I’d come back for at least one more season. After that, I don’t know,” Cuban said.

Wallace asked whether the potential exit was due to Cuban’s work with Cost Plus Drugs – an online pharmacy that sells prescription drugs at steep discounts.

“I hear – and please tell me as a ‘Shark Tank’ fan, that this is not true – that you are so committed to Cost Plus Drugs that you are considering leaving the show,” Wallace asked Cuban.

The Dallas Mavericks owner noted the firm was just one factor in his reasoning to potentially leave “Shark Tank.”

“Yeah – and it’s not so much Cost Plus Drugs as it is having a daughter who just went away to college,” Cuban responded. “It used to be, when they were all in high school and went to the same two schools, all of our schedules could be worked out together. But it was more a question of wanting to spend more time with my family.”

The Post has reached out to “Shark Tank” for comment on Cuban’s interview.

Mark Cuban
Mark Cuban is worth an estimated $4.6 billion.
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Wallace also questioned Cuban, who has an estimated personal fortune of $4.6 billion, on why he has appeared on the show for so long.

“The reason I do the show is it sends a message to the entire country that watches that the American dream still is alive and well,” Cuban said. “And particularly for kids.”

Cuban first appeared as a guest “Shark” during the show’s second season in 2011. He has served as a main panelist since. “Shark Tank” debuted its 14th season in September.

Mark Cuban said Shark Tank made him "promise" to do another season.
Mark Cuban said Shark Tank made him “promise” to do another season.

Cuban has invested nearly $20 million of his money in 85 deals over the course of his run on “Shark Tank,” according to the fan-run data site Sharkalytics.

During an appearance on the “Full Send” podcast earlier this year, Cuban confirmed that he has not turned a profit on his “Shark Tank” investments over time.

“Are you up all time on ‘Shark Tank’ investments?” one podcast host asked Cuban, according to TechCrunch.

“Like, up financially?” Cuban responded. “Oh no, I’ve gotten beat.”


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