She’s still all about that bass! Meghan Trainor has detailed her weight loss journey throughout her time in the public eye, becoming a body positivity icon for fans.

In November 2022, the songstress revealed that after welcoming her son, Riley, with husband Daryl Sabara in February 2021, she decided to adopt a more healthy lifestyle. This led to a 60-pound weight loss journey.

“I was my heaviest I’ve ever been, I was like over 200 pounds when I C-sectioned him out,” Meghan told ET Canada. “I just wasn’t feeling great. I’ve never had stitches, so to have this C-section scar, I was in a really dark place and I wanted to be in a great place for my son.”

To get her happiness back, the “No Excuses” singer said she “worked” and “challenged” herself. “I was like, ‘If I can survive a C-section, I can do anything!’” she shared, noting that she became “dedicated” to this new lifestyle.

“I learned that I do like healthy food and I learned what portions mean,” Meghan explained. “And I learned my brain is so happy when I exercise, so I’m just [feeling] better than ever.”

When she made her debut in the music world, the Massachusetts native spoke candidly about creating a body-positivity anthem with “All About That Bass.”

“I wrote it for me, as well, because I’ve struggled with [body image] since I was very young. And, my best friend is a beautiful goddess, but she’ll pick on herself in the mirror,” Meghan told Billboard in July 2014. “So, if other girls can relate to the song, it makes me feel even better. It’s unreal that I’m kind of helping people. When I got my record deal, and with this song, I was like, ‘Perfect, I have the opportunity to say something to the world. I’ll take it.’ This is the best message I could say.”

From that point on, Meghan continued to be honest with fans about her health and fitness journey — especially when it came to embracing motherhood.

“I’m covered in scars and stretch marks in new places I didn’t know stretch marks could be. There are things that aren’t going to go away ever, and I have to learn to love that,” she explained to People in September 2021, following the birth of her son. “I started to feel unsexy immediately. … It took me a couple of weeks and therapy sessions to be like, how do I get back in the mindset of: ‘My husband loves me, and I’m hot, and everything’s OK.’”

Scroll through our gallery for a breakdown of Meghan’s weight loss journey over the years. 


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