Megyn Kelly lashed out at director Olivia Wilde for making Jordan Peterson out to be a “demon” in her new film.

The former Fox News primetime star reacted on her podcast to a recent interview in which Wilde said that she based Chris Pine’s character from “Don’t Worry Darling” on Peterson, the controversial Canadian author and psychiatrist.

“This guy Jordan Peterson is someone that legitimizes certain aspects of [the incel] movement because he’s a former professor, he’s an author, he wears a suit, so they feel like this is a real philosophy that should be taken seriously,” the film director said,

Wilde, 38, described “incels” as “disenfranchised, mostly white men who believe they are entitled to sex from women.”

Kelly fired back during her Thursday podcast, saying: “They get featured in an Olivia Wilde movie as some sort of demon, so screw her!”

The former anchor said Peterson was “attacked” by Wilde after he spoke out on his mental health struggles.

Kelly made the comments during Thursday's episode of her podcast "The Megyn Kelly Show."
Kelly made the comments during Thursday’s episode of her podcast “The Megyn Kelly Show.”

“In 2019, men accounted for 80% of all suicide deaths in America,” the host of the “Megyn Kelly Show” said.

“Studies also show that a majority of American men who die by suicide have no known history of mental health problems, because they don’t talk about them.”

Kelly continued: “And when they do talk about them, and like Jordan Peterson, listen to Jordan Peterson, subscribe to Jordan Peterson or anybody else speaking about these issues, they get attacked.”

The Post has reached out to Wilde’s representatives seeking comment.

Wilde’s personal life drama with estranged husband Jason Sudeikis and rumored romance with singer Harry Styles has garnered as much publicity as the film, released last week.

Kelly went on to question Wilde’s feminist bona fides, pointing to her own experience “at the inception of the #MeToo movement.”

In 2017, Kelly came forward with sexual harassment allegations against her former boss, Roger Ailes. Her story and that of other women at the network became the basis for a hit movie, “Bombshell,” in which Kelly was portrayed by Charlize Theron.

“I think I can say what those of us who were there at the beginning – and by the way Olivia Wilde – you are not one of them. Okay, you were not there,” Kelly said, referring to the #MeToo movement.

Wilde said that she based Chris Pine's character in "Don't Worry Darling" on Peterson (pictured).
Wilde said that she based Chris Pine’s character in “Don’t Worry Darling” on Peterson (pictured).
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Kelly said that “everyone agrees” that men should not be allowed to make “sexual favors at the office…a condition of advancement” for women.

“Men agree with that and women agree with that,” according to Kelly.

“It was never meant to bastardize men writ large. That’s what people like her are doing.”

“And it’s having a serious negative effect.”

Peterson reacted to Wilde’s aspersions by breaking down in tears during an interview with British television host Piers Morgan on Tuesday.

Peterson recently broke down in tears during a televised interview when he was asked to respond to Wilde's revelation.
Peterson recently broke down in tears during a televised interview when he was asked to respond to Wilde’s revelation.
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Morgan asked Peterson how he felt about Wilde basing an “insane” character on him.

“This insane man, this pseudo-intellectual hero to the incel community, incel being these weirdo loner men who are despicable in many ways. Is that you? Are you the intellectual hero to these people?,” Morgan asked.

“Sure, why not. People have been after me for a long time because I have been speaking to young men, what a terrible thing to do,” Peterson replied.

It was at that point the controversial commentator broke down in tears.

“I thought the marginalized were supposed to have a voice?” he said as he grew emotional.

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