Megyn Kelly endorsed women using public restrooms to pee while also relaying a story about a family friend who demanded to be reseated on an airplane because someone next to her kept passing gas.

“There’s a difference between men and women,” Kelly said during her discussion with television host Mike Rowe about public bathrooms on her SiriusXM podcast on Wednesday.

“Men can pee standing up,” the host of “The Megyn Kelly Show” said. “[A man] can walk into that crime scene and be like, ‘I’m good. I can aim it. I don’t really have to touch anything in here. I can use my hand sanitizer and get back to my seat.”

But when it comes to women, the situation gets much more complicated, especially if they’re on an airplane, according to Kelly.

“You don’t want to do the squat,” Kelly said. “I don’t like to squat anyway. The squat ruins the toilet seat for the rest of us. It gets the pee all over there.”

“I’ve been sitting on toilet seats my whole life — even public toilet seats,” Kelly said. “I’ve never gotten any weird diseases. So I’m just saying it’s safe. You won’t fall in the toilet. Sit on the seat, but clean the seat first.”

Kelly said she had no problem sitting on public toilets.
Kelly said she had no problem sitting on public toilets.

Kelly said that women “have no choice but to clean it up” as opposed to men. Rowe countered that women have the advantage since men can’t urinate in an airplane bathroom if there’s turbulence.

“It’s like a firehose in there,” Kelly said of men peeing mid-flight. “But we’re safe. We know exactly where it’s going to go. There’s no problem.”

Kelly then relayed a story about a family friend who was on a flight next to someone who was letting out farts.

“We have a friend of the family…who’s in her early eighties,” Kelly said. “She’s always been one of those prim and proper ladies, just together.She went on an airplane and the woman next to her kept ‘blowing off’.

Kelly said her family friend then “presses the overhead call button” and asked the flight attendant to sit elsewhere.

“The flight attendant comes over and our friend says, ‘I’m sorry, but you’re going to have to move me. This woman has terrible flatulence’,” Kelly said.

Kelly remarked how it was much easier for men to use public restrooms.
Kelly remarked how it was much easier for men to use public restrooms.
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“That’s a boss move,” she added.

During the podcast episode, Kelly recalled laughing uncontrollably on the air while co-anchoring a Fox News show more than a decade ago because one of her guests mistakenly said the word “farting.”

“I was hosting a debate between a right-wing radio host and a left-wing radio host and the righty was accusing the lefty of being soft on terror,” Kelly said, noting that this was during the George W. Bush era, which included the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“The Iraq war was going on and the lefty was feeling defensive about the Democrats,” Kelly said during her conversation with Rowe.

She recalled that as they were about to cut to a commercial, the “lefty” declared: “We’re going to fight the terrorists no matter where they are, no matter where they’re farting — fighting.”

Kelly then broke into laughter and said: “I died, I died.”


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