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Meta, Microsoft and 31 other companies have teamed up to create an organization that promotes the development of open standards for metaverse technology. The Metaverse Standards Forum will be the institution. It will work to establish standards that make all metaverses on-the internet interoperable. This would allow these worlds to communicate.

Although the metaverse is an open concept that each company can interpret and build according to their own will, some believe it important to link these worlds. Meta, Microsoft and Epic Games, along with other companies, formed the Metaverse Standards Forum to promote interoperability between these metaverses.

The launch PR statement states:

The body will be focusing on practical, action-based projects like implementation prototyping and hackathons.

The forum won’t create standards on its own. It will serve as a platform for the amalgamation and development of standards in various fields, including graphics, interaction, VR, and graphics.

Some see the creation of this group as a sign of the agreement in these companies about the importance of creating open standards to support the metaverse concept. Neil Trevett (president of Khronos), a member of the group, said:

The metaverse will combine diverse technologies and require a collection of interoperability standard, which are maintained by many standards organisations.

Some Important Absences
Although the group claims that it is open and accessible to all interested parties at no cost, some large names have yet to join the group. Apple is one of the largest tech companies with an interest VR and AR (augmented reality) technology. It has yet to join the forum. Roblox and other gaming-based metaverses have not yet joined the forum.

Experts say that this proves that even if an organization promotes standards on the subject it will not be easy to standardize the metaverse or the grouping of worlds that make up the metaverse due to the variety of companies building platforms that are oriented towards it.

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