Micah Parsons turned into a ghost.

In August, Fox Sports announced that star Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons would be joining Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe for a weekly spot on FS1’s “Undisputed” every Tuesday during the football season.

However, Bayless explained on the program, no one could reach Parsons or his team after the Cowboys got pummeled by the Bucs on Sunday (in the game, Dallas’ defense played well against Tom Brady but the offense did not move the ball) and saw quarterback Dak Prescott suffer a thumb injury.

“We had equipment installed in Micah’s home in the Dallas area, and when we made the big, grand announcement he immediately tweeted about how excited he was to join us. Then yesterday came and all day we couldn’t reach Micah. Then, as it got to be evening, we couldn’t even reach any of his people,” Bayless told Sharpe.

Micah Parsons was enthusiastic about joining 'Undisputed' for a weekly spot when the role was announced.
Micah Parsons was enthusiastic about joining ‘Undisputed’ for a weekly spot when the role was announced.
Twitter / Micah Parsons

“So, it led us to believe maybe he was just crushed by the opening night loss, which is highly possible. We are still extremely hopeful that he will join us next Tuesday.”

Sharpe responded: “I was also looking forward to him joining. He’s a phenomenal player and to get his insight into what transpired the Sunday before would’ve been great for us. But, maybe he wants to focus on football. Maybe the loss was more crushing to him than he thought it would be. I know it’s kind of difficult when you lose a ballgame. I know he thought they was going to be special this year, and they could still be special.

“I’m hopeful that after a couple weeks of them getting back to winning that he’d join us during the season, even if it’s not every week. But I don’t understand why, after FS1 put the equipment in his house, he’d go radio silent. Just say, ‘Look, at this point in time I just want to focus on football. I’m sorry to have led you guys on but right now football is the most important thing and I’m not gonna be able to do it right now.’”

Skip Bayless revealed that Micah Parsons went 'radio silent' in ghosting his scheduled spot on FS1's 'Undisputed.'
Skip Bayless revealed that Micah Parsons went ‘radio silent’ in ghosting his scheduled spot on FS1’s ‘Undisputed.’

Sharpe reiterated that he wished Parsons would’ve had a “little more class” in canceling the engagement than going radio silent. Both Sharpe and Bayless remained hopeful that Parsons would join them at a later date.

As Bayless alluded to, Parsons did express great enthusiasm when the news was announced in August.

“Blessings! Excited to start this journey!” Parsons tweeted at the time.

Parsons has not completely vanished from the Earth; on Tuesday, he sent a tweet to his 257,000 followers urging them to to call EA Sports and ask the crew at ‘Madden’ to fix his player rankings, believing they underrated his pass coverage talents.


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