Mike Francesa is going another round with Odell Beckham Jr.

The Sports Pope has long had the former Giants wideout in his crosshairs, and the saga continued when a listener of his BetRivers podcast emailed in and asked about the airplane incident.

In November, Beckham Jr. was kicked off a plane when the flight crew said he was going “in and out of consciousness” and that they could not get him to put a seatbelt on. Earlier this week, Miami police released video in which he appeared indifferent to the idea that all the other passengers had to de-board the aircraft because of him, and lashed out at a man who verbally confronted him about the incident, calling him ugly and referencing his weight by telling him to eat a cheeseboard on the flight.

In a Twitter thread on Thursday, Beckham Jr. said he knows who he is and implied the video was maliciously edited.

bodycam footage of odell beckham jr being kicked off a plane
Police bodycam video of Odell Beckham Jr.’s plance incident was released this week.
Miami-Dade Police

Francesa blamed the Giants for not nipping Beckham Jr.’s behavior in the bud when he was younger.

“I’ve gone round and round with Beckham since the day he joined the Giants,” Francesa said. “I went round and round with Shockey. I was right about him. I blame the Giants for not disciplining him when he first came there.

“The Giants got enamored with Shockey’s talent and let him run amok. They got enamored with Beckham’s talent and they let him run amok. People made excuses for Beckham for years. I got a lot of heat for how I acted about Beckham. I got heat from Beckham. I got heat from Beckham’s family. I got heat from the Giants. I got heat from everybody.”

mike francesa
Mike Francesa lambasted Odell Beckham Jr. as a ‘spoiled child’ after footage was released of the free agent wideout getting kicked off a flight.
Getty Images for Radio Hall of F

Beckham Jr. remains a free agent after tearing his ACL in the Rams’ Super Bowl victory in early 2022.

Francesa called Beckham Jr. a “spoiled child” and was thankful that the Giants did not sign him for the stretch run of the season and the playoffs.

“You know what? Part of being great is understanding that you have to make commitments and you have to be a player,” Francesa said. “Beckham is just a spoiled child and it continues to show. I could not believe any team would have even thought [of signing him]. Forget the plane incident, which is bad enough. It was disgraceful. How about him going to teams, asking them to sign him, and he would not work out for them! When is enough enough with this guy? I give up. I wouldn’t go near the guy. You can win without him.

“And the Giants are so much better off that they don’t have him. Thank the good Lord that they’re going into this playoff game without him, because they would’ve been disappointed, because he’s a selfish kid who just hasn’t found his way. And people enabled him! Instead of somebody putting him on the right path at the right time, coming across the right coach or the right person to put him in the right place. There were coaches who would’ve done it and salvaged that great career. Instead, that career will never be what it was supposed to be. It never stops. So was I surprised by what I saw? No. I was disgusted by it, but I was not surprised.”

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