Doing it for Rooster! Miles Teller may have stolen fans’ hearts with his role as Bradley “Rooster” Bradshaw in 2022’s Top Gun: Maverick, but his wife, Keleigh Teller, is quickly becoming the favorite member of this Hollywood duo.

After the highly anticipated Top Gun sequel premiered in May 2022, fans turned TikTok into #TellerTok, and Keleigh joined in on the fun showing tons of romantic videos from her life with the Divergent actor. While Miles himself doesn’t have social media other than Twitter, his wife shows him all the fan love online.

“I don’t have Instagram or TikTok or anything, but I know my wife, I’ll just see her on her phone and then she’ll start cracking up. And so then she shares with me what’s going on,” Miles told Entertainment Tonight in June 2022. “But I mean, yeah. It’s great. If it brings people in the theater or, I don’t know, gets some new fans maybe for me? That’s all good.”

During a separate interview, Miles told E! News in June 2022 that his wife leaned into #TellerTok because she “wanted to give them a good amount of material.” He added, “My wife’s just been having fun with it ’cause obviously, she loves me more than anybody.”

Other than the ins and outs of married life with Miles, Keleigh is constantly sharing dreamy photos from their vacations together. In July 2022, she shared a TikTok video of their trip to Lake Tahoe, Nevada, alongside a caption that read, “Before you ask yes I have MT on my butt, Miles has my initials on him also.”

Naturally, fans were curious of the placement of Miles’ tattoo, however, Keleigh just responded to comments with emojis. Miles and Keleigh got engaged in 2017 while they were on vacation in South Africa and tied the knot in September 2019 during a stunning ceremony in Maui, Hawaii.

“We just hang out. She keeps me calm. It’s pretty great,” Miles told Men’s Health of Keleigh in December 2020. “I’m with her now from when I wake up to the moment I go to bed. We have a lot of friends whose relationships got put under a magnifying glass during these times, but we are really great. Once you get married and you make that ultimate commitment, life is just a lot less stressful. You just know that person is always going to be there.”

Scroll through the gallery to see Keleigh’s best bikini moments over the years. 


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