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Robert Kiyosaki is the famous author of Rich Dad Poor Dad. He warned against World War Three. He asked, “Are You Ready for World War III?” and added that history has shown wars are about energy.

Robert Kiyosaki is the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad. He has warned against World War III. Rich Dad Poor Dad was co-authored in 1997 by Kiyosaki, Sharon Lechter and others. For six years, it has been on The New York Times Best Sellers List. The book has been translated into more than 51 languages in over 109 countries.

Kiyosaki sent an earlier tweet to his 2.1 million followers this week:

Are you prepared for World War III? The history of war is about energy: oil and coal.

Hitler invaded countries such as Romania to get their oil and coal. He also wrote that Japan attacked Pearl Harbor after the U.S. had cut Japan’s oil supply. “Was the sabotage of the Nord Stream pipeline the beginning of WWIII?”?”

People are becoming more concerned about the possibility of a third world conflict. Russia threatened Thursday that if Ukraine was admitted to NATO’s military alliance, the conflict in Ukraine would escalate into World War Three.

The famous author added, “Any idiot knows that civilization is dependent on energy.” Biden’s first act in 2020 was to cut the Keystone XL Pipeline. Oil prices rose from $30 per barrel to $130Inflation is up… middle- and lower-class families are suffering.

Kiyosaki reiterated on Sunday his recommendation to investors to purchase gold, silver and bitcoin.

Why are millions of people being wiped out? People can see microeconomics: fuel and food prices rising. Cannot see macroeconomics. Macro econ invisible. Protect yourself against macro. Buy gold, silver, bitcoin.

The famed author warned Thursday that gold, silver and bitcoin could protect your wealth, but not your income. If the economy collapses, stocks markets crash, pensions fail, and unemployment rises, a side-hustle may be able to provide income. Who knows? You never know, your side hustle could become the next Amazon or Bitcoin. Be careful. Take care.

Kiyosaki has been forecasting doom and gloom since the beginning. He predicted that the U.S. Dollar would crash by January next, and advised people to invest in gold, silver, or bitcoin.

He warned last month that the end to fake money was here and urged people to “invest-in real money”, naming the three investments. He warned that increasing interest rates by the Federal Reserve would ruin the U.S. Economy.

This renowned author predicted that all markets would crash. He also predicted real estate, stocks and bonds would crash. He later advised investors to invest in crypto now before the deepest economic crash in history.

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